word table how to adjust to the top of a page

word how to put the form on a page

Want to word document in the form on a page, you can put the cursor in front of the form, and then press the Enter key until the form on a piece of paper, relatively speaking, is also relatively convenient.

If the form on the second page of paper is relatively small, on one line or two or three lines, you can set the line spacing and font size and so on, in this case, it is also possible to put the form on a page.

word document tips: If the user wants to delete the word document on a blank page, simply place the cursor on the blank page, and then click on the delete key can be, for which you still need to know.

It should be noted that the user presses the Insert key, the word will show that the selection of the last word, re-typing will automatically overwrite the selected text, the user just need to press the Insert key again, it will not delete the last word.

Expanded information: Word was originally written in 1983 by Richard Brodie for IBM computers running DOS. Subsequent versions ran on AppleMacintosh (1984), SCOUNIX, and MicrosoftWindows (1989), and became part of Microsoft Office.