word table how to box

word form inside and outside the border how to set

as follows:

Operating device: Dell Spirit 7,400

Operating system: Win10

Operating software: word2017

1, first of all, open the word document, click on “Insert “-” Form “-” Draw Form “inserted into the word document.

2, select the form, click on the “Form Tools – Design” tab in the “Borders” – “Borders and Borders”.

3, open the “border and background” in the style of the selected “double solid line” click “OK”.

4, so that you can set the table border as a double line, so that there is an outer and inner frame line.

How to set the outer frame line of word table

Select table option in word.

Open the word document, click on Insert in the menu bar and select Table. Select the number of rows and columns for the table. Long press the mouse to drag to frame the table all the way around. Right-click on the table and select Borders and Underlines. Select the upper border, the left side of the box, first set up the outer frame line, respectively, select the line type and color, as well as the width, according to their own needs to set. After the completion of the effect of the settings can be seen, if you are not satisfied and then go back to set.

The outer frame line refers to the entire form of the outermost up, down, left and right four lines, usually in order to form a good-looking, will set the four lines of thicker, blacker. Inside line refers to the form in addition to the outermost four lines of other lines.

word how to add a border to the table to do so

1, open the Word2010 document page, select the need to set the border of the entire form or specific cells.

2, click the “Design” tab.

3, in the “Drawing Borders”, click the “pen style” lower triangle button.

4, in the list of styles, select the appropriate style.

5. Click the “Stroke Thickness” triangle button.

6. Select the appropriate size in the Stroke thickness list.

7. Click the “Pen Color” triangle button.

8, in the pen color box, select the appropriate stroke color.

9, in the “Form Styles” in the “border” click the lower triangle button.

10, in the menu, select the need to set the border can be.