word table numbers do not show how to do

Why are 0 and 9 not displayed in a word table

Open the table and enter a number starting with 0 in a cell.2

After pressing enter, and seeing that 0 is not displayed, we right-click on the cell.3

Click on the right-click menu on the Set Cell Formatting

word tab alignment numbers not showing

What you are asking is what is the reason for word tab alignment numbers not showing? Excel sheet inserted in Word table and text box inserted in Word table.

1, in the Word table inserted Excel table. You can select the Excel table, press [Ctrl+X] key combination, cut the Excel table into the Word document, and then adjust the tab position.

2, inserted in the Word table text box. You can select the text box, click [Format] – [Text Box Style] – [Shape Options] – [Text Surround] – [Float Above Text], and then adjust the tab position.

How to display 15-bit value in Word documents.

The effect described in the question, you can customize the format with the help of Excel’s cell function to achieve the following:

1, as shown in the figure, the first selected cell right-click – Set Cell Format to open the “Set Cell Format” dialog box, the left side of the categories click on “Custom”, the right according to the actual click type, click OK button to close the dialog box.

2, select the cell, copy the cell data, open the Word document, paste it, the results are shown below.

Instructions: Enter numeric data in Excel tables, the maximum number of digits 15, including the decimal point.