word table serial number how to sort out

word form serial number how to automatically sort 123

1, click on the top of the sorting function. Check the number sorting function. Serial number 1 will be sorted out, move the cursor to the next form. Click on the sort function and it will be sorted according to the number of the previous table.

2, first of all, create a new word, point to the upper left corner of the circle (office button), point options. Then in this “common” inside, click on “language settings”. In the open dialog box, the left side of the language column to find the “Korean” selected, click “Add”, will appear in the right column.

3, summarize method 1: set the number of first open the need to sort the number of “word document”, select the need to sort the number of content. Then click on “Start”, click on the “number icon” right drop-down arrow. Finally, click on the number for the “1, 2, 3” number can be.

4, first of all, double-click the word document will need to set up to open. After opening, you can see in the word document inside the small mark is Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ Ⅳ Ⅴ style, double-click one of the small mark. Double-click in the pop-up window after the selection of footnotes and endnotes options, click to select the entry.

5, open the WPS software, create a new blank electronic document, enter the serial number in the sequence. Below the serial number first enter the number [1], then click on the cell. Point the mouse to the lower right corner of this selected cell, waiting for it to become a black solid cross.

6, select all the serial number, and again into the [custom number] – [custom list] – [custom]. After the number] select [no special identification]. So that the serial number is automatically centered, and so set out the serial number will increase or decrease with the number of lines, automatically reordered, without having to manually edit again.

word form how the serial number automatically down

word form serial number automatically down as follows:

Computer: Mechanical Revolution S3Pro

System: Windows 10

Software Word2019

1, open the WORD form, select the form of numbered data columns.

2, click the menu bar on the “Start – Paragraph – No.”, pull down the number in the number of libraries to select the number of numbers.

3, the document in the form of automatic numbering down.

word features

1, word processing functions. word allows users to easily enter, edit and format text. Users can format text using a variety of fonts, font sizes, colors, styles and alignments. In addition, Word provides spell check, grammar check and automatic error correction to help users avoid spelling and grammatical errors.

2. Typesetting functions. Word provides a variety of typesetting functions so that users can easily adjust the layout and appearance of the text. Users can set the page size, margins, headers and footers, columns, paragraph spacing, etc., as well as insert pictures, tables, graphics and other elements to beautify the text.

3, the production of documents function. Word can help users create various types of documents, such as letters, reports, resumes, manuals, contracts and so on. Users can choose from different templates to quickly create documents and edit and format them as needed.

4, editing functions.Word provides a variety of editing functions so that users can easily modify and adjust the text. Users can use cut, copy, paste, undo, redo and other functions to edit the text, you can also use the find and replace function to quickly locate and modify the text.

5, print function. Word can help users to print out the document for easy reading and sharing. Users can choose different printing options, such as paper size, print quality, double-sided printing, etc., as well as preview printing results.