word table swap order

WORD form how to adjust the order

1, first copied to EXCEL,

2, in EXCEL again copy, transpose and paste,

3, adjust the cell formatting in the alignment attribute text direction.

4, the columns in reverse order operation. (Using the sorting method to adjust the order is faster)

Detailed method steps:

1, open with WORD, select the form and copy, the next steps are in EXCEL operation.

2, in EXCEL directly with Ctrl + V to paste,

3, and then press Ctrl + C to copy, transpose and paste to the bottom, and delete the top of the line is not transposed.

4, right-click to set the cell format, in the “Alignment” tab, ①, cancel the merger of cells, ② text direction set to 0 degrees, that is, the horizontal direction.

5, in the form of the first line above the insertion of a line, fill the sequence “Column 1” to “Column 7”,

6, with the “Sort” method to reverse the order of the columns of the order, that is, the first column to the last 1, and the original last 1 to the first column. (Sorting, the option to change to sort by line, and does not contain the title).

7, delete the increased row 1 line,

8, appropriate formatting, including re-merging cells, adjust the column width, reset the cell borders,

9, and then finally copied to the WORD, adjust the formatting appropriately. (This step is recommended not to do, directly to EXCEL form to save more convenient)

In WORD how to turn the contents of the table up and down? (That is, up and down the order of inversion)

You can add a table outside the auxiliary figures, and then sorted, the specific operation process is as follows:

Required materials: Word.

One click on the form, and then enter the “Design” option, click on the “Draw Form”. “Drawing Forms”.

Two, in addition to the original form to draw a table, and manually fill in a column of figures.

Three, go to the “Layout” option, click “Sort”.

Four, the main keyword to use “column 3”.

Fifth, the type of use “digital”, click “descending”, click “OK”.

Fifth, go to the “Design” option, click “Erase”.

seven, the last auxiliary columns to erase the completion of the table above and below the content of the flip.

word how to adjust the order of the table

1, open the word document, use the mouse to select the need for ascending or descending order of the columns; click the menu bar in the [Layout] select the sorting option;

2, at this time in the open sorting window, select the main keyword is the text of the header of your table, select the corresponding [Type], and finally select ascending or descending order, click the OK.

word how to quickly adjust the order of the form

word how to quickly adjust the order of the form

word after inserting the form, enter the serial number, how to quickly adjust the order of the form? The method is very simple, come to learn it.


1, first of all, open a word blank document.

2, click Insert – Form, insert the form and enter the content.

3, and then select a line, for example, 3 to move down the words, hold down the shortcut shift + alt + down arrow.

4, found that it did move a line.

5, want to move up ` words, to hold shift + alt + up arrow can be.

The above is how to quickly adjust the order of the word table method, the operation is very simple, we learned? I hope this article can help you! ;

word how to quickly adjust the order of the form

First look at the beginning and the final effect of the picture. As shown in the figure, the first is not sorted when the serial number is obviously wrong, the second is based on the size of the serial number of the contents of the sorting of the situation.

Back to the word form, first select the entire form.

Note: the form is selected when the cell background is transparent blue.

Then find the “Layout” button on the toolbar, as shown in the figure, click on the tab.

In the layout of the item will see the “data” options area, which has a “sort” button, click the button.

This time the word will pop up a sort of settings window, you can set the sort of the main keywords, secondary keywords, sorting basis and whether the title bar and other options. Set up directly after the completion of the click on OK can be.


Return to the word again you can find the contents of the form has been correctly based on the serial number of the sorting.

word how to ascending order of the contents of the table

To word2019, for example, word ascending order of the contents of the table as follows:

1, open Word, with the mouse to select all the contents of the table to be sorted.

2, click on the upper toolbar in the table tools, click Sort.

3, and then select the keywords, select the desired sorting method, and click OK when finished.

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