word table text how to vertical layout

How to arrange the words vertically in word document_How to make the text vertically arranged in word

The steps to arrange the words vertically in word document are as follows:

1. First open a document displayed horizontally. Then click on Page Layout at the top of the word menu bar, then click on Text Orientation, and then click on Vertical.

2. So a document has become a vertical arrangement of the document, this vertical display of the document, it is inside the line spacing, but also to maintain and the previous almost.

3. In addition, if you need to a document in some paragraphs in a vertical way, then you can select the paragraph text, and then click on the text direction below the text direction option.

4. In the window that opens, first click on the text of the vertical example of the demonstration of the button, and then click on the back of the selected text, and then click OK.

5. Thus, the text, but also immediately into a vertical display. If the text is arranged vertically, the direction of the paper should not change, or to vertical, then click on the above paper direction, and then click on the vertical can be. This will solve the word document to the word vertical arrangement of the problem.

word file how to set the font vertical arrangement

word file how to set the font vertical arrangement

all the text into a vertical display method


Start Word, create a new document, enter the contents of the document.


Click “File”, select “Page Settings”.


Open the “Page Settings” dialog box, click the “Document Grid”, select “Vertical” in the text alignment, and then click the “OK.


The preset will adjust the page to landscape orientation, if you want to display the page vertically, you can in the “Page Settings” dialog box, tap “Margins”, select “Vertical” in the direction, and then tap “OK”. Vertical”, and then click “OK”.


Now look at the effect of it


Part of the text into a vertical display of the method

Tap the menu bar “Insert”, select the “Text Box” – “vertical”, you can insert a vertical text box in the current document.


Now you can enter the text in the text box, the effect

how to set the font vertical arrangement in indesign software

English version of the estimated no it, if you want to have this function, you need to install CJK plug-ins.

How to set Apple 5s SMS not vertically aligned

Hello, you can use your finger at the bottom of the screen swipe upward, then in the pop-up control center, tap the “lock” option (also a small lock in a circle) can be turned on and off at will.

How to make the words on UILabel vertically aligned

1:Do a rotation of the lable

2.label.text=@”Please \n vertical \n straight \n square \n towards \n row \n column”;


Wraiths How is the World GRID set to be vertically aligned?

/gridconfig you hit this command

Inside there I remember is the second item under the advanced inside can adjust the direction ah ~ font size number ah ~ horizontal width ah ~ ~ ~ ~

Now not in the game ~ you try it well 🙂 try it all will be la

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