Alipay life number red packet how can not receive

Alipay has received a password red packet a few days after the red packet can not be received can not collect money what is the reason?

Alipay plays an inseparable role in our daily life, we often use Alipay to pay or chat with friends, at the same time, Alipay also has its own credibility rating, we need to identify the real name, but also a wallet, which holds our bank card. And there are all kinds of small programs to facilitate our lives, next, I give you an introduction, Alipay account abnormalities can not receive red packets how to do, I hope to help you.


First of all, let’s find the Alipay software in the cell phone page and click to enter.

Immediately after that, let’s find the bottom Quick Loss in the Alipay login page together and click on it.

Moving on, let’s find Unrestricted Account at the top of the page and click on it.

Then, let’s go ahead and enter the current account number in the middle of the page and click Next.

Finally, we see the account restriction rating in the center of the page.

Step Summary

Go to Alipay, click on Quick Loss, click on Remove Account Restrictions, enter the number, click Next, and see the rating.

Alipay sign in to receive red packets where

Alipay sign in to receive red packets:

1, start the mobile client of Alipay, enter the home page, click on the upper search bar;

2, in the search bar enter red packets, in the candidate items to select the daily red packets;

3, enter the red packets option, click to receive red packets, you can receive once a day. If you have received, you can also send free red packets;

4, click on the QR code to invite, share out;

5, the sharing QR code appears, click to save the picture, you can share it;

6, when someone else scanned the QR code of the red packet, you will get the amount of the red packet, and if someone else pays for their own part of the reward;

7, in order to receive the convenience of the daily red packet, you can focus on the daily red packet to receive the convenience of the daily red packet.

7, in order to collect the convenience, you can pay attention to the daily red packet life number;

8, in the future every day as long as in the daily red packet interface sign in to receive the red packet.

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