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Baidu library VIP account sharing

Hello, has been uploaded to ↓↓↓↓ disk ↓↓↓↓↓, click to enter the download link, satisfied with the timely adoption. Password:5ita

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Baidu library vip account share

Free download Baidu library method:

1. Screenshot copy. Applicable to short, with a screenshot tool screenshot copy to the folder or word can be.

2. Add wap in front of wenku in the address bar of the document, hit the Enter key, you can enter the document can be copied on the page, you copy and paste it to the computer (special format is not supported)

3. computer to install the “Baidu Wencu downloader”, after installation, in the search box of the downloader, enter the keywords or topics, and then download it. After the installation, in the downloader’s search box, enter the keywords or topics, you can search for the documents you need, and can be downloaded free of charge (to wealth value of documents, downloader can also be downloaded free of charge, but the special format is not supported, the general support doc format, txt format).

In fact, go to search, a lot of content almost as good as some free to get, go directly to download.

Baidu Wiku vip account sharing

If you have China Merchants Bank credit card points, you can redeem Baidu Wiku membership through the Palm Life APP points.