c compiler for win10

Is there a C compiler for win10?

VisualStudio2010, 2013, 2015.




Most of them are supported VC is a bit old Not really recommended.

Also there is a national ah-ha C very small installation package is less than 10M, the function is also OK.

WIN10 update, can no longer use VC6 (it is said that this is Microsoft intentionally, because the new version of the VS are charged) VC6 and above can be used:

VS2008, VS2010, VS2012, VS2013, VS2015, VS2017 RC version of the performance of the VC6 from high to low, the function of the VS2017 from low to high performance is the best, unfortunately WIN10 is not supported.

Windows 10 is a cross-platform and device application operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation in the United States. It is the last standalone version of Windows released by Microsoft. there are seven releases of Windows 10 for different users and devices.

As of December 20, 2017, the official version of Windows 10 has been updated to Fall Creators 10.0.16299.98[4] and the Express Preview to 10.0.17063.

On January 21, 2015, Microsoft unveiled its next-generation Windows in Washington, D.C., and said that it was offering the next generation of Windows to people running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 to all devices, and users can enjoy free upgrades in the first year after the release of Windows 10.On February 13, Microsoft officially opened the Windows 10 Mobile Preview Update push program.

Dev C++, VC++ can all run on Win10.

Where is the win10 c compiler

win10 doesn’t come with a c compiler. the Windows OS just doesn’t come with a compiler, it’s a standalone OS.

What are the C programs that work with Win10?

C language is just a standard, need compiler support, Win10 under the normal compiler should be supported, such as DevC++, CodeBlockers, VisualStudio and so on. If you just do C development, you can consider the first two, small size, if you also do other (e.g. C#) development, you need to install VisualStudio.

Programming under WIN10, if you want to replace VC6.0, you can choose VS2013 or VS2015, but from your screenshot, you can try to reboot the system, in re-run VS2015 to see. It looks as if you need to learn C? If so, the recommended learning C language books are: CPrimerPlus Chinese version of the development tools are: VS2008 or VS2010 or then VS2013 Baidu a bit, 80X86 assembly station site inside the article is for the first time to learn C / C + + + written, well written. The title is: how to correctly enter the Windows system under the C / C + + learning field. I hope this article helps, in fact, to start learning C language, it is important to choose a good book and a good development tools, if you have the conditions can be equipped with a teacher, so that your learning efficiency will be greatly enhanced, of course, the most important thing is still your learning attitude and perseverance.

How to use visualc++6.0win10?

First of all, you can search VisualC++6.0 from Baidu and download the installation package, this software used to be charged, now it is no longer need to crack on the line. Here is a URL I found: http://www.uzzf.com/soft/35205.html

Download it here.

Download complete, unzip. After unpacking, there are two versions, one in Chinese and the other in English. Choose AUTORUN.EXE to install.

The window will pop up as shown in the picture, select “Run Program” to install.

The following installation interface, select “Next”, then accept the agreement, select “Next”, the following window will pop up. This interface, the product ID number to enter a string of 0 can be, and then “Next”, and then “Next”, wait a moment, and then after a series of defaults, a few “Next” after the The software will start installing.

Finally, the software will start updating itself automatically, but since Microsoft has stopped servicing the software, you can simply choose to “close the program” if it doesn’t respond.

If you installed the program by default, the startup program is located here, C:\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftVisualStudio\Common\MSDev98\Bin.

You can create a shortcut to your desktop to make it more convenient. This completes the installation.

VisualC++6.0, abbreviated as VC or VC6.0, is a C++ compiler from Microsoft that translates “high-level language” into “machine language (low-level language)” programs.VisualC++ is a powerful visualization tool. VisualC++ is a powerful visual software development tool that has become the tool of choice for professional programmers to develop software. Since C++ was developed from C, it also supports compilation in C. Version 6.0 is the most used version and is a classic. The biggest disadvantage is the poor support for templates.


VisualC++6.0 is not only a C++ compiler, but also a visual integrateddevelopmentenvironment (IDE) based on the Windows operating system.VisualC++6.0 consists of a number of components including VisualC++ 6.0 consists of a number of components, including an editor, a debugger, and development tools such as the program wizard AppWizard and the class wizard ClassWizard. These components become a harmonious development environment through a component set called DeveloperStudio.


Since C++ was developed from C, it also supports compilation in C. Version 6.0 is the most used version and is classic. The biggest drawback is the poor support for templates. Now the latest patch is SP6, we recommend installing it, otherwise it is prone to compilation of false dead state.