Chinese brackets ascii code

Is that in parentheses ASCII or ?

\ followed by the octal number, \101 such a formula is an octal escape sequence, corresponding to the ASCII octal form of the character 101.

What is an INF driver?

INF is an acronym for DeviceINFormationFile, a file format introduced by Microsoft for hardware device manufacturers to distribute their drivers, which is a file used under the Windows operating system to describe data information such as devices or files.

The INF file is composed of standard ASCII codes and can be viewed and modified with any text editor.

The INF file is used to install drivers for devices such as monitors, modems, and printers, and it is the INF file that makes it possible for Windows to find drivers for these hardware devices and install them correctly.

\x49\x51\x5a\x56\x54\ What kind of encoding is this?

It’s just plain old escape characters in C/C++.

It can be displayed directly with cout or printf.

You can also check the ASCII table. The two digits after each \x is a hexadecimal number, and if you find the corresponding one in the ASCII table, you can check the corresponding character.

The hexadecimal number after each \x is the actual content of that byte, and there are other special uses that need to be known through more in-depth study.

Extended information:

Escape characters are part of the formal grammar of many programming languages, data formats, and communication protocols. For a given alphabet, the purpose of an escape character is to begin a sequence of characters such that the sequence of characters at the beginning of the escape character has a different semantics than the sequence of characters would have if the sequence of characters had appeared alone. Thus the sequence of characters beginning with an escape character is called an escape sequence.

Other escape character codes:

Hexadecimal escape characters