Do java programmers need to learn c

I want to learn java do I need to learn c first? Because I basically have zero foundation!

You don’t have to learn C. First of all, C and Java are two completely different languages, one is process-oriented programming and the other is object-oriented programming. Only you learn C language later will help you learn java, after all, you have had experience in programming.

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Why every programmer should learn C?

1) Compared to other programming languages (like C++, JAVA), C is a low-level language. In general, a low-level programming language allows you to understand computers better.

2) Device drivers and operating systems can be written in C only. Now, you may have never written a device driver or an operating system, but what if you need to go and modify them?

3) What if you want to get a job writing microcontroller programs? They are all written in C. Just because you don’t want to learn a new language, are you prepared to limit your chances of being able to get a job?

4) A program in C uses fewer lines of code to achieve the same function than any other program written in another language, and it results in faster operation. Sometimes the speed your program needs is only possible with C.

5) If you have learned C, you can learn any high-level programming language nowadays. Because all high level languages are based on C (like JAVA, C++, C#, etc).

6) Because C has been around for many years, it has a wide usage community and a large amount of ready-made code to work with. This allows you to build on past programs and write new algorithms and functions quickly and efficiently.

7) C is the language of an open source organization. A product of an open source organization, LINUX, is written in C. If you know C, you can participate in this organization and contribute to numerous open source organizations, such as SourceForge and contributing to them.

8) C is the only language that explains to you the nature of pointers. And C# and Java simply skip the topic of pointers. But pointers do make C more powerful.

9) C is still the most commonly needed language when looking for a job in programming and development. So it’s worth your time to learn it.

10) Any device that has a microprocessor in it supports the C language. From microwave ovens to cell phones, it’s all powered by C technology.

Well, having said all this, you should feel the necessity and urgency that we should learn C language! Then hurry up and learn it! Let it be the ladder to greater success! Now Nanning Danone 3G Academy is launching a free trial program, students who want to learn may want to take a look!

Learning JAVA to learn C+ first.

Java is currently the mainstream development language, programmers, whether it is big data, cloud computing, web front-end, back-end development, etc. need to learn from java, if you want to count into the ranks of the IT high-paying, it is recommended that you learn java! Learning java self-study learning cycle varies from one person to another, enrollment in a class to learn a more systematic and efficient, generally 0 basis, then need to learn 4-6 months or so.

java learning content are:

①JAVA programming basics (basic syntax, object-oriented, harmony features, etc.)

②WEB application development (static web page production, Oracle database, JavaWeb development technology, Linux technology, website performance and security, software engineering development process, JavaWeb)

The first time I saw this, it was the first time that I saw this. Harmony, etc.)

③Enterprise framework development (data structure and algorithms, SSH framework, JavaEE Harmony, etc.)

④Project practical training

Internet industry is still one of the hottest industries, after learning IT skills are good enough to have the opportunity to enter Tencent, Ali, NetEase and other Internet factories with high salaries, the prospects for development are very good, the average person The first thing you need to do is to learn how to do it.

Wanting to learn systematically, you can examine and compare the opening of the relevant professional popular schools, good schools have the ability to independently develop their own courses according to the needs of the current business, and can obtain a college or bachelor’s degree during the school period, in the Bo Software College, Nanjing, Nanjing course work, Nanjing, such as the opening of the relevant professional schools are good, it is recommended that the field visit to compare.

Wishing you success in your studies, I hope to adopt.

What languages do programmers learn?

Question 1: How many languages do professional programmers need to knowInspired by this article (), it occurred to me to make a categorization of the languages I know and have to learn. Determine exactly how many languages a professional programmer needs to know.1. System classes. C is the only one that must be learned, and it needs to be learned several times to program on several systems. Learning the system class language is needed to understand the system structure and operating principles, so the abstraction of the system to learn the syntax/abstract library/code structure is meaningless. 2. face object class. C#, Java, etc., recommend Java. construction method is beautiful atmosphere, the code is easy to modify the easy to read, reusability. However, to do things on the frame beam stacked house, eat a steamed bread wash three times hands. You can learn how to structure, do not learn how to do things. 3. a fast scripting language. Python, Php, Perl, Bash, each with its own characteristics. In fact, if you have the time to learn them all, it is very beneficial. The specialty of fast scripting languages is that they integrate other code and things that already exist to quickly build a usable program. According to the above categorization, programmers should know at least five languages, I assume C/Java/Python/Scheme/A***80×86. don’t learn C++, that one is the root of all evil. Then below is a list of some of my recommended book lists that can be used to learn these languages from shallow to deep.1. Getting Started, “21 Days to Learn C”, “DiveIntoPython”, “80×86 Assembly Fundamentals Tutorial”, and so on, the purpose of this type of book is to quickly teach is to use the language and syntax. Completion of this stage of the programmer can find some simple topics to do, but can not yet independently complete the writing of ordinary programs.2. Simple, “ThinkInJava” “Data Structures and Algorithms (Java Language Edition)” “Design Patterns”. This level basically involves data structures, design patterns and programming methods. After completing this stage, you can find a few actual projects to play around with.3. Ordinary, “Operating System: Design and Implementation”, “Unix System Programming”, “windows core programming”, “TCP-IP Detailed”, “EffectiveC”. This level covers the principles and details of how the system works. Completion of this stage will be able to write some system tools. 4. reading, “Python source code analysis” “in-depth MFC” “Linux kernel fully annotated”. This stage focuses on reading and accumulating experience with various codes.5. Experts, “The Construction and Interpretation of Computer Programs” “The Art of Computer Programming” “MIT Introduction to Algorithms” “Numerical Algorithms”. Through the previous studies, general program writing should no longer be a problem. This stage confronts the process of trying to solve a real problem mathematically after abstracting it into a mathematical problem. From this point onwards, it is the realm of mathematics.

Question 2: To be a programmer need to know which languages are now more popular is JAVA, this is easier, and should be better to find a job in the future, you can also learn C / C + + +, more difficult. You can also learn C/C++, which is more difficult. You should first determine the direction you want to go in the future, whether it’s web programming, game development, pure software, or embedded development, and then learn the appropriate language and development tools.

Question three: what language to become a programmer that you want to do which aspects of the programmer to have a lot of qualities, not the programmer three words can be clear, the bottom, the front-end, the framework, need more than one language, the novice C language, java must learn.

Question 4: If you want to become a programmer should learn what knowledge programmers need to learn the logic of the program, followed by the need to learn the language of programming, which is the most fundamental, there is a language in order to communicate with the computer “

If you do a professional programmer:

1. Basic language knowledge: from the bottom of the ASM to structured C, to the object-oriented C++JAVA, if not all proficient, but to understand, at least to be proficient in one

2. Basic mathematical knowledge: advanced mathematics (mathematical analysis) linear algebra discrete mathematics, probability. Mathematical statistics and so on

3. Basic computer principles: operating system principles, principles of microcomputers, compilation principles of the original database and so on

Question 5: What do programmers need to learn? Depends on your preferences, do what are interested in order to learn

Want to learn the program first to determine what to learn ccc + + + + c # javapbvb, etc.

Now the popularity of the c # and javac + + + + can be, but there is a more in-depth

First learn the syntax and then learn the program examples finally do the project programmer wages in the upper it but it is very hard

If you seriously study less than six months, you will have to learn the programmer’s name. If you study hard, you’ll be good in less than half a year

Question 6: What’s the best order for programmers to learn a language? I think there is nothing best, according to the different direction of your personal development, there will be some differences,

For example, I am going in the direction of WINDOWS, I can say that my,

This is also the way I took countless detours before I know of a way to go,

First of all, if you recommend a good high-level language, to find the feeling of programming, and I chose the C language.

Then it is recommended to learn assembly, the main reason for this is in order to fully get the experience of the underlying programming, a deep understanding of the mechanism of the machine running the program. n many people say that the assembly is useless, to know is that we are dealing with the machine, so we should think in the way of the machine to think of some problems, in short, the programming ability is good.

After that it’s all about learning data structures, mainly algorithms, organizing data structures and problem solving skills.

After that, we will take a look at the principles of operating systems, which is a better foundation for the next part,

After that, we will look at WIN32, Windows programming, which will not be described much.

To a certain extent, you should make up some of the basic courses, such as what database principles, principles of computers, and so on

These make up, on their own are good,

Lastly, I want to say that, no matter what direction, data structure, and the Kifu course is to learn. Because these are internal skills,

frameworks and so on are just moves. And don’t always think about what language is popular and what is not popular, so that you will

study this, and then learn that, it will only waste time, the language is common, choose a good one that you think you can accept, and

always to learn it down. Once you’ve learned the language, it’s easy to learn other languages.

Some tips to help.

Question 7: Which language is good to learn if I want to be a programmer? I don’t know which city you are in, in the first tier cities, such as Beijing programmers are treated very well. Development languages such as Java, PHP and so on are very good, of course, in these years the mobile APP development is more fire, you can also learn Android and ios development.

Question 8: Which languages should programmers prioritize? That kind of all as long as you learn deep, can be a high wage, you may wish to choose a language, in-depth study, such as java, learn its reflection, virtual machine operating principles, frameworks, and then look at the database, html in this regard, you learn a deeper language, look at the other language is not difficult, all the same, and you can look at the company’s recruitment requirements.

Question 9: What is the best programming language to learn now? Lean! Math is very important for you if you want to be a good programmer! Computers are ultimately about math, and I’ve seen a lot of computer whizzes who are math whizzes! I don’t think it’s necessary to learn so many languages, just one is enough! Languages are almost the same, the difference between a language and other languages, that is, the different data structures provided, such as C language and C + + + language is the difference between the C + + + language inside the class, so that the C + + language is object-oriented; some people say that the JAVA language is safer, why is it; because JAVA does not have pointers inside the language, so it is safer; so the difference from these to see the difference between the language lies in his data structure. In his data structure provided by the different, it is these that make the difference between the languages; so that the data structure of the people learning computer is very important; I saw a lot of students in the Internet said that the things taught in school is not useful, computer knowledge is changing so fast! In fact, I think that the things learned in school, although you can not get the community to use, but are very useful, he gave you to establish a system! Taught you the way of thinking of the computer, cultivated your computer quality, computer stuff and then change fast, but his fundamental will not change, as long as you teach you something to grasp the school, you will be able to keep up with the development of his ding, you will not feel that he changed fast!

You want to be a programmer: you can only know C language, you just know how to program, as long as you can get the code through the line, and nothing else, others will say that you are a programmer; if you want to become such a programmer, you can just read C language!

But if you want to be a good programmer, you have to learn too many things, the language is just a little bit, because you have to take into account the program you write, the efficiency, if you stand a little bit higher (as a software engineer level) you will take into account the style of your code and maintainability; to take into account the efficiency, you should know how to run the C language; then you need to learn the compilation principle, if you want to be a good programmer, you can just read the C language.

If you want to consider the code style, you have to learn software-related knowledge, such as software engineering, software project management, etc., only if you understand these you know how to write a program with good maintainability!

This is my own opinion! I hope you don’t scold me haha! I am very important to the fundamentals, to be honest I despise, the kind of people who learn the language all day long, that heavy all day long with VC + + running around people, encounter some new things they will have a headache!

So do I think you can start from the C language, the first rough learning once, and then to the lower and upper layers of the development, such as the definition of a intA = 2;

You can ask yourself, the computer is how to achieve this, so you need to go to the learning of the system structure ah, as well as other knowledge of the underlying

You write a program, you can see If you read it a month later, do you still understand it? Go learn about software engineering and understand why you need good program style!

I think you may only be considered a good programmer if you have a better understanding of all this!

Do you have to learn C for programming and development?

To learn. Programming development learning content mainly includes c language, python and c+ language. c language as a simple and flexible high-level programming language, it is a process-oriented language, generally as the basic introductory language courses for computer majors. c language is relatively difficult to start, but for the understanding of the computer’s underlying operating mechanism has a very good role. No matter how advanced the programming language is grafted onto the basic computer system, the main application scenarios of the C language are focused on the development of operating systems, service platforms (containers) development and embedded development and other fields.

These are the areas where R&D level programmers are concentrated, so C is still important for R&D level programmers. If you are going to go the R&D level programmer route in the future, especially towards IoT, then you should focus on learning C language. Generally speaking, if you don’t have programming foundation, you should choose a simple programming language, recognize its basic ideas, learn a language well, practice and summarize constantly, and then switch to any language is a handy thing. With many years of experience in IT training services, Thousand Frontier Education adopts the whole face-to-face high quality and high experience training mode, with more than 20,000 cooperative enterprises, covering large, medium and small companies in first and second tier cities across the country, and has successfully helped more than 20,001 talents to realize employment.

Do java programmers need to know C. C seems to pay better internationally? What technologies do foreign programmers use to develop?

As a good java programmer, I think it is necessary to continue to study the c language, if the time and energy allows it. c++ is the foundation of java, c# and other languages, because now the rapid development of computer technology, language updates are quite frequent, c is known as the foundation of all the languages, if you master the c, even if the language how to update the new generation, but also on you! Not much impact, will soon be adapted to the new language