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How to download e-mail on your computer

As we all know, e-mail is an electronic information space that provides users with communication through the Internet, which can provide users with the ability to send e-mail and automatically receive e-mail for the user, as well as storage of sent and received mail. So how do you download e-mail on your computer?

1, to NetEase Mail Master as an example, first open the computer’s browser.

2, then in the browser search bar search “NetEase Email Master”.

3, enter the official website, click to download.

The above is the introduction of how to download e-mail on the computer, if you do not know how to download, you may wish to refer to the above content.

What is NetEase Mailbox Master for PC

NetEase Mailbox Master for PC is a high-quality software with a very wide range of functions and good use. The rich features all can easily help everyone for more convenient and comfortable mailbox use, whether for office or personal use can choose NetEase Email Master PC.

NETEAS mailbox master computer version of the introduction

1, NetEase mailbox master computer version of the main NetEase main launch of the important mailbox client products, is a lightweight desktop mail management software mailbox users.

2, NetEase mailbox master computer version of NetEase mail will not be too complicated, the experience will be smoother. Is currently one of the most popular mailbox client.

3, after years of in-depth technical training and user research, NetEase Mail continues to improve the iterative version, and strive to provide users with the ultimate experience.

4, the main computer version of NetEase Mail fully supports mainstream personal mailboxes, such as NetEase, QQ,Gmail, Outlook and more than 1 million company mailboxes.

5. Whether it’s a cell phone, Windows or Mac, NetEase provides you with a great experience of sending and receiving emails on all devices.

Installation steps for NetEase Email Master PC

I. Download the latest version of NetEase Email Master installation package from our website, double-click and run it.

Second, you can click on the [Customize Options], select the installation path of the software; or directly click on the [Install Now], the software will be installed in the default location.

Three, wait patiently for the software installation is complete, you can.

Netease Mailbox Master 4.17 Tips

1, the first time you open, because you did not add any mailbox account, so enter the mailbox account and password to manage. Click OK.

2, and then enter the mailbox management interface, the first to deal with unread new. The read ones can be marked.

3, if you want to write a letter mail, click on the letter.

4, click on the address bar, the plus sign appears, click on the plus sign can display the address book, select a contact.

5, write a good subject, add attachments, click send to send the mail.

Netease Mailbox Master 4.17 Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to add mailbox account?

1. You can log in by directly inputting your mailbox account, and Mailbox Master will configure it intelligently.

2. If Mailbox Master reports an error after you enter your mailbox account, you can ask the company for the server address and port number of the mailbox settings and set them manually.

2. How to add Gmail mailbox?

Mailbox Master is the mailbox APP which supports Gmail, you can log in directly by inputting your mailbox account.

If adding account fails:

1. Please log in Gmail webmail to check whether there is any email about account security, and then you can log in Mailbox Master.

2. If Gmail mailbox has application-specific password, directly enter application-specific password to add mailbox account.

3. How to add QQ mailbox?

Mailbox Master is the mailbox APP which supports QQ mailbox, if you can’t add mailbox normally, please go to Settings→Account of web mailbox to open mailbox IMAP service.

If you set independent password for mailbox, please use independent password to log in mailbox.

Four, what should I do if the server connection timeout?

The failure of Mailbox Master to connect to the server may be due to network failure or the failure of the other party’s mailbox server, please try again later.

NETEY Mailbox Master PC version of the “sent” folder can not be found in the sent mail solution

Non-NetEase mailboxes, please operate in the following way:

Note: This operation is only effective for the setup of the mail sent after the completion of the mail can not be restored to the setup of the mail sent before.

WebEasy mailboxes can be operated in the following way:

Please open the list of mail saving rules in the web mailbox [Settings]-[General Settings]-[Settings after Sending Mails], and select [Save All to “Sent” Folder].

The solution of two same emails in “Sent” of NetEase Mailbox Master PC version

Note: This operation is only effective for the emails sent after the setting is completed.

How to withdraw emails?

Withdrawal of emails can be done if the sent email meets the following conditions:

1. the other party has not read the email;

2. the email is sent within 15 days;

3. only supports sending to mailboxes belonging to NetEase, including:

3. the mailboxes belonging to NetEase, including:

4. the mailboxes belonging to NetEase are only supported to be sent to: 163,126,,, and And mailboxes with as suffix;

4. The mail has not been received by mail clients (e.g. Outlook, Lightning Mail, Foxmail, etc.) or collection mailboxes through POP3.

The result of withdrawal will be notified to you by email, and the other party will only see a simple prompt, and will not see the content and attachments inside the email.

163 mailbox login

Input in the address bar of the webpage to enter the login interface, and then enter the mailbox account and password can be, the detailed method is as follows:

1, open the browser, enter in the address bar, or Baidu NetEase 163 mailbox, as shown in Figure,


3, as shown, enter the Baidu email account,

4, as shown, enter the password,

5, click on the login can be.

How to download 126 mailbox?

Hello. Download 126 mailbox. You can download Netease Mailbox Master. After downloading Netease Mail Master. Select the 126 mailbox domain name to register the mailbox. You can use pinyin letters to register. You can also use pinyin plus Arabic numerals to register. After the registration is completed, the mailbox can receive and send emails. You can also use the account number of the mailbox to register the application software. The registered number is your 126 email account. It is also the address of your 126 mailbox.

Brand Model: iPhone12

System Version: iOS15.1.1

Software Version: NetEase Mailbox Master 7.8.5

Mobile phone email can be registered through the cell phone mailbox software application to register 136 mailboxes as an example, the specific is divided into the following five steps:


Installation of NetEase Mailbox Master

First download and install the “NetEase Mailbox Master” in the mobile phone.


Installation of NetEase Mailbox Master

First, download and install “NetEase Mailbox Master” in your cell phone.


Open the software and click Register NetEase Email

Open NetEase Email Master and click “Register NetEase Email” at the bottom.


Select the type of mailbox to register

Then select the type of mailbox to register, for example, the first “Netease free mailbox”.


Enter your account password and click Next

In the registration interface, enter your email account and password, check the agreement and click Next.


Verify cell phone number

Then follow the prompts to send a text message to verify the cell phone number bound to the mailbox.


Emailbox registration is complete

After verification, the mailbox registration is complete.


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