Failed to get ip address.

Why can’t my cell phone get on the internet, it keeps showing that it is getting an ip address.

I. Causes of failure

1, there is a problem with the network.

2. Problems with the WeChat software.

3, the phone itself.

The solution

1, check whether the wifi can connect to the Internet, or open the gprs try.

2, try other Internet software can connect normally.

3, exit WeChat, go to the application management inside the clear cache data to clean cache, and then can not be uninstalled and reinstalled.

Extended information:

Mobile phone can not access the Internet troubleshooting:

1, traffic exhaustion, through customer inquiries, the current flow, although affordable, but once the flow of the package is used up after the exceeding part is very expensive.

2, malicious rogue software, since the popularity of smart phones, a variety of malicious rogue software like computer viruses have come out, they tamper with the phone settings, or run the phone traffic caused by the phone can not access the Internet.

3. In the case of poor signaling, it is necessary for carriers to strengthen their coverage.

4. If you have a faulty SIM card or a faulty cell phone, try switching your SIM card to a different phone to see if you can get online.

wifi always shows that it is getting ip address

1. Why wifi always shows that it is getting IP address?

When we connect to wifi, the device needs to get an IP address through DHCP server in order to communicate with the network. If our wifi keeps showing IP address being acquired, it may be caused by the following reasons:

Malfunctioning or incorrect settings of the router

Incorrect network settings of the device

Instable signal or network congestion

2.Solve the problem of wifi connectivity

If you encounter the problem of wifi always showing IP address being acquired, you may try the following IP address, you can try the following to solve the problem:

Reboot the router and device

Check if the router settings are correct, such as checking the DHCP settings

Check the device network settings

Try to change the channel to avoid signal interference

Try to disable IPv6

3. Change the device Network Settings

If your device’s network settings are incorrect, it may cause wifi connection problems. You can change your device’s network settings by following these steps:

Enter your device’s network settings interface

Check if the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway are correct

Check if the DNS settings are correct

If you are unsure how to change the network settings, please consult your network administrator or the device manufacturer’s technical support.

4. Change Router Settings

If you are sure that your device’s network settings are correct, there may be a problem with the router settings. You can change the router settings by following these steps:

Enter the router’s management interface

Check if the DHCP settings are correct

Consider changing the wireless channel to avoid interference

Try updating the router firmware

If the router is malfunctioning or incorrectly set up, please refer to the router manual or contact technical support.

5. Other considerations

There are some other considerations to keep in mind when troubleshooting wifi connectivity issues:

Make sure that the device is at the right distance from the router and that the signal strength is sufficient

Avoid using wifi during busy network hours

Try connecting to the same wifi using another device to determine if the problem Whether the problem occurs only on one device

6. Conclusion

When the wifi always shows that it is acquiring an IP address, it may be caused by a router failure, wrong network settings of the device, or unstable signal. We can try to solve the problem by restarting the router and the device, changing the device network settings, changing the router settings and so on.