How excel page breaks are displayed

excel paging (how to set page breaks)

When using Excel for data processing and analysis, we often need to divide a large amount of data into multiple pages for display and printing. And Excel provides a page break feature that can help us easily set the page. In this article, we will introduce how to set up Excel page breaks, and give detailed steps.

One, what is Excel page breaks

Excel page breaks are used to divide the data in the worksheet into multiple pages to display and print a function. By setting page breaks, we can control the data range and print format of each page, so that the results printed out more in line with our needs.

Two, how to set Excel page breaks

1. Open Excel and select the worksheet to set page breaks.

2. In the worksheet, select the location of the need for paging. You can select an entire row or column, or a specific range of cells.

3. In the Excel menu bar, select the “Page Layout” tab, and then click “Paging Preview” button.

4. After entering the paging preview mode, you can see the worksheet is divided into a number of pages, and each page has a dotted box indicating the location of page breaks.

5. If you need to adjust the position of the page breaks, you can click on the dotted box and drag it to a new position.

6. If you need to add a new page break, you can select a new location in the worksheet and click the “Insert Page Break” button in the menu bar.

7. In page break preview mode, you can scroll the scroll bar or use the arrow keys on the keyboard to view the effect of different pages.

8. After finishing the paging settings, click the “Close Preview” button to exit the paging preview mode.

Third, other paging settings

In addition to the basic page breaks set, Excel also provides a number of other paging settings, you can further optimize the print effect.

1. Print the title line: In the paging preview mode, you can select a page, and then click the menu bar in the “Print Title Line” button, the title line will be printed on the top of each page.

2. Print Row and Column Labels: In paging preview mode, you can select a page and click the “Print Row and Column Labels” button in the menu bar to print the row and column labels on the left side and top of each page.

3. Adjust page margins: In paging preview mode, you can select a page, and then click the “Page Setup” button in the menu bar to enter the Page Setup dialog box, where you can adjust the page margins, paper size and other parameters.

How to use page breaks in EXCEL

Materials/Tools: Excel2010

1, first of all, we open the excel form as an example, the default page first and last are text content.

2, then we need to switch to the page layout under the first set the size of the paper. General choice to use a4 paper.

3, and then set the direction of the paper, different directions of the print area will change.

4, then we will select the mouse needs to be inserted into the location of the page breaks, select the region for a separate cell.

5, inserted after the completion of the page will show a solid line to distinguish between the printed page.

excel paging settings

Excel how to set up paging

1, open the excel table, enter some data in the cell, the following figure can be seen at this time excel table is an ordinary display mode.

2, in the toolbar at the top of the page click on the “View” option.

3, in the “View” option to find the left side of the “Workbook View”, will be “ordinary” changed to “. Pagination Preview”.

4, select the “Paging Preview”, you can display the form page for the paging effect in the figure below, the page has to display a light gray “page”.

How to excel paging

1, let EXCEL their own processing, do not interfere.

Advantages: In the future, insert/delete/change the rows and other operations, without additional adjustments.

Disadvantages: there may be a line in two pages each half a line.

2, the content of the disconnected unit copied into two, with ALT + Enter into two lines.

Advantages: in both pages can display the correct results.

Disadvantages: need to be adjusted back when inserting/deleting/changing rows and other operations in the future.

3, such as the merger of a lot of cell content, can not be operated according to method two, the cell can be “inserted / page breaks”.

Advantages: so that the line can be displayed on the second page.

Disadvantages: in the future insert/delete/change rows and other operations, you need to re-adjust or delete the page breaks.

Please consider the above methods, and it is recommended to save the disk before adjusting, and print after adjusting according to the above methods. If the number of adjustments is not much, you can not save the results of the adjustment, such as the adjustment of more, it is recommended to save a “file name – print.xls” file. Convenient for future editing.

Excel how to reset the paging preview

1, first of all, we open an excel form. You can enter the paging preview mode by clicking the paging preview button in the lower right corner.

2, this is the style to enter the paging preview mode. The printable area is white, the non-printable area is gray, and the blue line is the page edge. The gray font is the page number.

3, if you want to adjust the page settings, we can directly adjust the blue dot to adjust the print range of the page.

4. After dragging, we will find that the blue dotted line becomes solid and the print area changes. By zooming the page.

5, the following to adjust the width and height of the page. We click on File – Print and see that the zoom under the print page shows custom zoom.

6, if you want to cancel the print area we set, you can choose no zoom in the custom zoom at the bottom of the file print.

excel paging preview how to set

1, specify the print area

In the default state, for the print area, Excel automatically selects the maximum rows and columns with text. If you want to reset the size of the print area, you can perform the following operations:

(1) the implementation of the “View” menu in the “Paging Preview” command, after which the screen will become the display.

(2) you can see the blue frame surrounded by the part of the system according to the contents of the worksheet automatically generated page breaks. If you want to change the print area, you can drag the mouse to select a new worksheet area.

(3) Release the mouse button to see the new print area.

Delete the print area settings, you can perform the “File” menu in the “Print Area”, and then click “Cancel Print Area” command. To return to normal view, you can execute the “General” command in the “View” menu.

2, control paging

If you need to print more than one page of the contents of the worksheet, Microsoft Excel will automatically insert page breaks, the worksheet is divided into multiple pages. The location of these page breaks depends on the paper size, the margin settings, and the set print ratio.

You can change the number of rows of data on a page by inserting horizontal page breaks; you can also change the number of columns of data on a page by inserting vertical page breaks. You can also change the position of the page breaks on the sheet by dragging them with the mouse in the page break preview.

Insert Page Break New Page

(1) Click the cell in the upper left corner of the new page. If you click on the cell in the first row, MicrosoftExcel will only insert a vertical page break. If you click on a cell in column A, MicrosoftExcel will only insert a horizontal page break. If you click on a cell elsewhere on the worksheet, MicrosoftExcel inserts both horizontal and vertical page breaks.

(2) the implementation of the “Insert” menu in the “Page Break” command can be. After that, we can see the new page breaks.

Insert Horizontal Page Break

To insert a horizontal page break, you can perform the following steps:

(1)Click the line number corresponding to the first line of the new page.

(2) Click the “Insert” menu “Page Break” command.

Inserting a Vertical Page Break

Inserting a Vertical Page Break performs the following steps:

(1) Click the column label that corresponds to the first column of the new page.

(2) Click the “Insert” menu “Page Break” command.

Moving page breaks

When we go to the page preview you can see a blue line, these lines are page breaks. We can drag the page breaks to change the page, the steps are as follows:

(1) Select the page break symbols as needed.

(2)Just drag the page break to the new position.

EXCEL worksheet how to set up page breaks to print

one, the material/tool Excel two, the method 1, open the Excel table file.

There are four forms in the worksheet, want the form to be printed on four separate sheets of paper.2, select the view tab in the paging preview option.

3, in the Welcome to Paged Preview View window click OK. 4, in the preview view state will be the cursor to move the lower-right corner of the border, when the mouse becomes a double arrow, press and hold down the left button.

5, drag the border outward, the appearance of page 3 and 4 when you release the left mouse button. 6, the need to print on the other three pages of the data to cut and paste to the appropriate page.

7, drag the page divider to change the size of the form, you can set up in the Excel table paging print.

excel how to set up automatic paging


Vertical/horizontal settings: Click the “Page Layout” tab, click “Margins”, select the bottom of the “Custom Margins”. “Custom Margins”, in the pop-up “Page Setup” you can select “portrait” or “landscape”;< /p>

Paging margin settings: then enter the “Margins” to set the size of the margins on the top, bottom, left and right;

So the page header and footer settings: you can also customize the page to set any eyebrow and footer.


Excel quickly insert page breaks and delete page breaks

First, the cursor will be positioned in the need to add the location of the page breaks, and then click the “Page Layout” tab of the ” Page Layout” tab, select “Insert Page Break” or “Delete Page Break”. If you want to reset so the effect of page breaks, you can check the “Reset all page breaks”.

Spreadsheet Excel, how to set up paging print?

Tools/materials: computer, Excel.

The first step, open the computer to the desktop, open the software to load the document, you need to artificially add a page break to separate them.

The second step, move the mouse to locate the cell where the page break needs to be inserted.

Step 3, locate Page Layout-Dividers in the menu bar above and click on it.

Step 4, click on the drop-down menu after clicking on Insert Page Break.

Step 5, after inserting page breaks you can realize page break printing.