How java programmers can improve

How can java programmers improve their technical skills?

A java programmer does not think of progress, then waiting for him only eliminated. The times are progressing, java is in constant development, a java programmer must continue to improve their various aspects of the ability to be more up to date with the progress of the times, the development of java, to maintain their core competitiveness. Then Nanshao computer school introduced java programmer how to improve their technical skills?

1. standardize java code writing

A java programmer is inseparable from the code, the code is his best partner. The code is written in their own specifications, as a java programmer you constantly have to comply with, and also have to consciously standardize their own code, once you develop good habits, which will allow you to benefit a lot.

For example, now many companies will require you to write code in strict accordance with the specification to the java code within the comment format, Java code, variable naming, etc. There are strict regulations, which not only facilitates the exchange of programmers to assist each other, but also to facilitate the modification and transplantation of java code.

2. Practice writing documentation

As a java programmer, you always hope that every time your supervisor assigns you a task, it is accompanied by the appropriate documentation, so you will save a lot of effort. In fact, this kind of thinking limits your development to some extent.

You should know that a senior java programmer spends at least 30% of his/her time writing technical documents every day. This is a major factor that no matter how long you have been in the java industry, you will still be a junior java programmer, so practice writing documentation more often, it will be of great benefit to you in the future.

3. test often practice

A java programmer if you think to write their own program to hand over, they do not need to test, and then there will be a full-time program tester will be the appropriate test, and then measured the problem of their own and then go to solve. Then this kind of thinking is also in error.

You have to know that the prevention of small steps, rather than in the problem out after you then solve, you should be written in your code, each sub-module after the completion of a serious test, there is a problem in time to solve, which will save a lot of work for the back, greatly enhance the efficiency, but also will not have to be particularly significant mistakes.

New programmer how to improve their java technology level?

For a java programmer only continue to improve their own java technology, in order to maintain their core competitiveness, to charge themselves in time, fill the java knowledge blind spot, in order to avoid being eliminated by the java market. So, Beijing java course introduces a java programmer how to improve their java technology?

1. Read more books after work

Books are always a good example of human learning, good java books often contain the java god characters of the heart and soul, you can read their edited books, you can learn from the java god characters how to think, so as to improve your logical thinking to improve your understanding of java, but also to see how the code java You can also look at how the code of the java masters is written, so that you can perfect your own code and write the program more perfectly. As a java programmer your logical thinking enhanced, the code written more perfect, then java technology also greatly in the enhancement, so please make sure you work more books.

2. Think independently about java programming

Nowadays, if we have any doubts, we search online and the answer comes out. Some java programmers are also the same problem on the Internet to search a search, every time you think of a problem to search a good, do not bother to think independently, the results of their own practitioners for several years to bring new people, new people every time you ask a simple program problem, you said you search a search, they also have to search, do you think that this is a good thing? Like a nurse watching videos while learning how to give you a needle, do you think you can accept? So, as a java programmer, usually more independent thinking or their own do not rely on each time a search. So that their own java technology will be improved, in order to be able to trust the hand, all the chest.

3. Continuously optimize java programming

Nowadays, people usually learn java through java training institutions, such as short-term training, we are fast learning java programming, repeated practice java programming, time is very very tight, it is really difficult to have time to optimize their own java programming. However, optimizing java programming is something you must do to improve your java skills. Then you are required to try to turn 5 lines into 3 lines can be achieved in the work of java programming, constantly simplify, and then constantly improve, also have to improve your algorithm, the algorithm is closely linked to your java programming, constantly optimize java programming, so that your java skills have also been improved.

How should java programmers improve themselves?

The reason for fewer girls learning Java is the same as the vast majority of boys in the IT industry initially, influenced by traditional ideas. Girls, do not try you never know where your potential? Many people are saying that girls you engage in other industries can not? Why engage in the Java industry? What do you think? Other people are not too much control, you like to do, why live in the world’s eyes, boys do, girls can also.

Girls become Java programmers is no longer empty talk, when many girls have long been a member of the programmers, then the female Java programmer how to break through? If you perceive that you have not made progress for a long time, then it is time to change, the Java industry, such as the boat against the current does not advance or retreat, want to mix in the Java industry is not much possible. Do not expect you to have a big change in the short term, but every day adhere to a little progress. There is no need to make comparisons with people, you are you, recognize the real you, and work hard to improve your Java level.