How to align text inside a word table

word form alignment how to set

Specific steps are as follows:

1, click on the layout

Open the WORD document, select the entire form, click on the menu bar “Layout”.

2, set the center alignment

Click the menu bar on the “alignment – horizontal center”, the form of text all center alignment.

3, set the left alignment

Select a column of data on the form, click the menu bar on the “left alignment”, selected columns of data are all left-aligned.

Word table text can not be aligned?

Reason: problem with the settings. Solution: select the cell to set the vertical alignment.

Following reference:

1. First, open word and enter the text into the table as follows.

2. We select the text to be aligned, and from the menu bar to find the paragraph – center alignment (or left/right alignment) as follows.

3. Need to adjust the text in the grid in the upper, middle and lower position, select the text to be adjusted, right-click and select Table Properties, as follows.

4. In Table Properties, select the cell and set the vertical alignment, as follows.

5. Finally, text alignment, as shown below.

How to make word table and text aligned?

word in the table is a special object, and also does not support embedded in the text. Want to form and external text alignment, simple treatment of the following methods (recommended method 2):

The form set up a simple left-aligned, right-aligned, centered, you can solve simple alignment problems.

Embedded in the form of “text box”, and then adjust the settings of the text box for the embedded mode, you can “mixed text”, you can adjust the alignment of the text with the external problems.

If you allow the form outside the nested form, then, the target form and external text are embedded in a form, the use of method 1, you can also achieve the alignment requirements.

The dumbest, and best thing to do, is to hold down the form and drag it to the aligned position to achieve alignment. The biggest problem with this method is that once the text changes, the alignment position may be misaligned, but also need to manually continue to adjust, not as easy as the first three methods once and for all.

How to set word form text horizontal center alignment

In the process of Word to create a form, want to center the text, what should be done? Take a look at it together.

In order to facilitate viewing, we maximize the window;

Method one into the Word document page, click [Insert], in the [Form], select the size of the form you want to insert, fill in the appropriate text. Selected form content, click the [Start] menu bar, in the [Paragraph] click [Center Align] button, the text will have been centered on the display;

Method two select the form to be centered, in the upper [Form Tools] menu bar, click the [Layout] option, and then in the [Alignment] to find and click the [Horizontal Centering], the text of our forms are [Horizontal Centering].