How to change the icon of a desktop shortcut

How to change the desktop icon?

1, in the desktop double-click “computer”, into the computer root directory interface.

2, in the computer root directory interface, click the menu bar “Tools”; in the Tools section, select “Folder Options”. Go to File Options Settings.

3, and then click on “View”, in the View section, the “use checkbox options” in front of the removal of the √, and then click on “Apply”, and then click “OK. Then click on the folder and desktop shortcuts, you can find that this time no longer appear in this small box.

Icons are computer graphics with a clear symbolic meaning. The desktop icon is the software logo, and the icon in the interface is the function logo.

Icon format:


An icon is actually a collection of multiple images in different formats, and also contains a certain transparent area. Because of the diversity of computer operating systems and display devices, the size of the icon needs to be in a variety of formats.

The operating system, when displaying an icon, will follow certain criteria to select the icon that best suits the current display environment and state of the image. widows desktop icons are commonly used in four formats, namely ico, png, icl, ip.



PNG is the “Portable Network Graphics File Format” and is the most common format used by Macromedia to display desktop icons. Macromedia’s fireworks professional format, this format is used for web graphics, support for background transparency, the disadvantage is that it does not support animation effects. It uses a compression technique that allows the user to decompress it, which has the advantage of not distorting the image.

The file size of the same image is largest in BMP format, followed by PNG and smallest in JPEG. Based on the advantages of the png file format’s lack of distortion, we generally use it as a scalable icon in the DOCK.


ICO stands for Iconfile, a type of icon file format for Windows that can store icon files with a single pattern, multiple sizes, and multiple color palettes. This file format is widely available in dll, exe files in windows.

For ico file, since he is a specialized format for windows icons, we will definitely use it when replacing system icons. A simple application is to change the icon for the shortcut of an application, which will have to use the ico format icon.

Also only WindowsXP and above support icons with Alpha transparency channels, which can be hard to see on systems below WindowsXP.


The icl file is nothing more than a renamed 16-bit Windows DLL (NE mode). In addition to the icon nothing, we can understand it as a certain order of the icon library file. icl file in the daily application is not common, usually in the development of the program to use. icl file can be used to iconworkshop and other software to open the view.


ip is the special file format of Iconpackager software. It is essentially a rar file with a changed extension, which can be opened with WinRAR (usually it contains an .iptheme file and an .icl file). It’s easy to use, you can double-click it to apply it, or click “Install New Package” in iconpackager to load it.

Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia–Desktop Icons


Windows 10 icon modification how to operate

Everyone’s vision is different, some users feel that the original desktop icon is not good, some users feel good. Some users feel that the same icon is a bit annoying to see the icon change, then how to go to modify the desktop icon? Here we will take a look at how to modify the windows 10 icon.

win10 desktop icon modification steps:

1, first of all, we open the computer, in their own computers to find a picture of their favorite picture, the picture extension must be a .ico file Oh, otherwise, it may not be successful change.

2, on the desktop, select the icon you do not like, click the left mouse button, select it, and then click the right mouse button, in the desktop will show a selection, and then find the properties of a, click.

3, after clicking Properties, automatically enter the shortcut page to display, if your computer after clicking Properties, the default come in is not a shortcut, be sure to select the shortcut Oh, and then in the shortcut page will show the replacement of the icon button, click to replace the icon.

4, next, we have entered the page to replace the icon, and then click on the browse, select their own has been selected picture, after selecting a good, click on the open, then click on the next click on the OK, and then click on the application, you can replace the icon.

The above is the Win10 desktop icon modification method, there is a need to modify the user can be based on the above steps to operate, I hope to help you.