How to change the path of my documents for cell phones

How to modify "My Documents" path

1. Change the path to facilitate the preservation of documents

“My Documents” default path is “C: DocumentsandSettings user name MyDocuments”, and for security reasons, we usually do not save the work of the system partition, so it is necessary to transfer the “My Documents” path.

Right-click the My Documents icon on your desktop and select the Properties command to open the Properties settings dialog box. Move to the Destination Folder tab and click the Move button. In the pop-up Browse Folder dialog box, select the commonly used working folder path can be. This way, when you edit a file in the future, you can easily save it to the working folder at any time.

Sometimes you need to copy several files with different paths and move them to a specific folder, so you can set the path of My Documents to point to the folder where you want to save the files. Then right-click on the file you want to move, and select the “Send to ¡ú My Documents” command in the pop-up menu to quickly copy files with different paths to the specified location.

2. Create a “windowless” Explorer

Through the settings, you can view the contents of My Documents in the Start menu. You can use this feature to create a convenient explorer.

First right-click on the Start menu, select Properties, click the Customize button, and open the Advanced tab. ” tab, in the “Start Menu Items” list to find “My Documents”, and set to “Show as Menu”. After the settings, directly in the “Start” menu, select “My Documents”, will automatically pop up the next level of sub-menu, from which you can see “My Music”, “My Pictures,” and so on.

Now, according to the above method, the default path of “My Documents” will be modified and set to commonly used work disk, such as can be set to “D:”. Settings are complete, click “Start ¡ú All Programs”, move the mouse to the “My Documents” on the D disk, you can see all the folders and sub-folders in the content. And can easily display the next level of sub-menu, jump in the sub-folders, copy and move files and other operations. This “mini” type of resource manager does not have a window, will automatically close after opening, jump directory without mouse clicks, and can be maximized on the desktop window of other programs to work at any time to call, a little bit does not affect the use of other programs.

How to change the path of “My Documents” back

1, the default path is “C:\DocumentsandSettings\UserName\MyDocuments”.

2, change the method:

a: right-click on the desktop “My Documents” icon, select “Properties”.

b:Open the properties settings dialog box. Go to the Destination Folder tab.

c:Click the Move button.

d:In the Browse for Folder dialog box that pops up, select the path to your frequently used working folder.

91 Assistant backup file where how to modify the 91 Assistant backup file storage path

91 Assistant backup file where it exists? We in the brush or jailbreak before, usually use 91 cell phone assistant backup important data, including contacts, photos, etc., but I believe there are still many friends for 91 assistant backup files exist where it is not clear, and 91 assistant backup file storage path can be modified Oh ~ the following and Xiaobian together to understand it.

91 Assistant backup files exist where?

91 cell phone assistant backup file default path is: D disk / My Documents / 91PCSuite / Backup / phone model / backup date named file (such as 201409171120), is the 91 assistant backup file path.

91 Mobile Assistant backup file storage path modification:

If you feel that the default backup file of 91 Mobile Assistant is hidden too deep, users can also modify the 91 Mobile Assistant backup file path, the specific method is as follows.

1. Open 91 cell phone assistant in the computer;

2. Enter the “Features”, and then enter the “Backup restore”, and finally in the backup path you can see the default backup file storage path, we can directly modify here. Here we can modify the default backup file save path, we can directly modify, after finishing, click “Modify” to save.

Small recommended tutorials: 91 Assistant how to backup application data 91 cell phone assistant a key to backup application data method steps

This is the first time in the world that the cell phone assistant has been used to backup the application data.

Where did you change the default path to my documents?

This is the default path of my documents C:\Documents


Settings\Wu Jianrong\My


To change it, right-click on my documents – Properties – target folder under the move, in the move inside the change on it!!!!!

How to change the path of the folder

1, first of all, create a “desktop” folder on the other disk.

2. Go to the C:\Users\Administrator\ directory.

3. Right-click to open the Properties window for the Desktop.

4, in the properties window click on the “location” tab.

5, click the “Move” button, select the desktop folder just created.

6, click on the “Apply” button, prompted to move all the files to the new directory, you can choose according to the actual situation, generally choose “Yes” on it.

7, you can use the same method to modify the downloads, my documents, my pictures and other folders. Finish the effect picture.

How to change the path of “My Documents”?

Click on the desktop of my documents, select its properties, there is a target folder, you want to make the contents of my documents, copy the contents of the inside is not OK,

such as you want to make the D-disk KX my documents, copy d:\KX, copy the target folder in the properties of my documents.

How to change the path of my documents online methods tried nothing

Right-click on the desktop my document icon and select Properties, in the open dialog box click [Move] to select the target address you want to move to.