How to change the path of my documents

Win7 how to change the path of my documents

Generally speaking, the system will default to some documents, pictures and other content automatically saved in my documents, and this document defaults to the c disk, so if the file is too much may lead to our c disk congestion. This time you can choose to change the path of my documents, so as to solve this problem, the following together to see it.

win7 My Documents path to change the tutorial

1, first click on the lower left corner of the start, open the “personal folder”

2, and then find one of the “My Documents”, right-click to select it click on the “Properties”

3, and then click on the upper “location” tab, you can see the location of the folder path.

4, click “Move”, and then select the location to which you want to move.

5, then we can see the original location and the new location through the prompts, to determine the click on “Yes”

6, and finally just wait for the file to complete the move can be.

How to modify the storage location of the computer without the location option in the properties of my documents

We know that in the computer system, many files or folders will be saved in the “My Documents”. However, sometimes more files in my documents will lead to the disk space available to become smaller, and we can modify the location in the properties of my documents. But what if there is no location option? This may try to solve the problem by the following methods.

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1, found that the C disk under the properties of my documents become read-only, and which does not have the “location” option, then you can directly modify the registry to repair and move my documents, the first in the run in the input regedit to open the registry editor;

2, locate the following position in the registry;

This is the first time that you can modify the registry properties of my documents to repair and move my documents. p>2, located in the following location HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer, respectively, to find the ShellFolders and UserShellFolders this two items;

3, the two location Under the Personal, double-click to open the directory will need to be set up, remember that the two need to be changed to the same location;

4, then restart the computer can be opened again when I open the document properties you can see the location of the option, you can also modify it again.

Computer My Documents Properties does not have the location option, then you can use the above methods to modify the storage location.