How to change the zip file format

360 compressed file zip how to change the rar

360 compressed file tool can support a lot of formats, is able to provide you with the choice and freedom of switching, perhaps some of the partners do not know how to go to the operation, so we will bring a detailed operation tutorial to see 360 compressed file zip how to change the rar it.

360 compressed file zip how to change the rar:

1, first of all, right-click on the file need to be compressed, and then enter the system to select the file, right-click on the “Add to Compressed File”.

2, after the pop-up panel, select “Compress Now”.

3, after you can rename, select the zip compressed file, the back of the .zip to .rar, enter can be.

4, finally you can see that you have successfully made changes.

How to turn a compressed file into zip format?

Methods to compress files into zip format:

Brand Model: ASUS

System Version: UX30K723A

Software Version: Win7

1, first of all, we need to download a compression software, such as WinRAR.

2, the computer is installed on the good winrar. Winrar, we need to compress the right mouse button click on the file, and then click “Add to Compressed Files”, as shown in the figure.

3, pop-up compressed file name and parameters, you can see the compressed file format settings.

4, we click to select zip format, and then click OK.

5, wait a moment to successfully compress the file into zip format.

6, we view the file properties, you can also see the compressed file type zip format.

How to change the compressed file suffix format

How to change the file suffix format, applicable system: windows7;

First of all, we put the mouse to change the suffix format of the file, here to word documents as an example, the mouse right-click [word documents], in the pop-up options page click [Rename] option, and then the name of the file after the docx selected or delete, and then enter the new suffix;

To note that the suffix format to ensure that the adaptation of this document, or change will lead to the file can not be opened, and then press the [enter] key will pop up a small window, click on the [yes] button, you can see the file suffix format modification has been successful.