How to delete the URL history?

Huawei cell phone WeChat browsing history how to delete records

Huawei cell phone WeChat browsing history to delete records of the steps are as follows:1, open the phone and enter the cell phone browser; 2, in the browser interface, look for and click on the menu icon in the upper-right corner; 3, in the menu interface, select the Settings option and open; 4, in the Settings interface, select the Privacy and Security option; 5, in the privacy and security interface, select the Clear History, the item will delete all the previous browsing history data; 6, in the pop-up dialog box, choose to ensure that the

How to delete the search history of WeChat search box

Many friends in the need to search for information will be directly in the WeChat page in the search box directly search, because it is very powerful, equivalent to the role of the browser. We all know that the browser search will appear after the history, in fact, WeChat is no exception, but many friends do not know, because it is not displayed in the search box, but in another place. Quickly and Xiaobian together to see it, don’t let your WeChat search betrayed you.

A: search records where

Click the WeChat interface at the bottom of the [Discovery], find [Search] to enter.

Click on the search box, this time under the search box will appear your search history, is not very surprised? Click on [Clear History] below the history, you will be able to clear the record.

Because we usually need to search directly in the search box on the home page of WeChat, few people will go to search there, so many people do not know that there will be a history here. You have ever searched in the search box records, including web pages, friends, public number, etc., will appear here. If you don’t know it, you should delete it.

In addition, we enter the search box in the WeChat interface, click on the public number below, and then when you click on the search box again, the public number you often search for will also appear below. Suddenly it feels like your privacy is easily compromised, doesn’t it?


It should be noted that I use an Apple phone, the figure below is the version of WeChat, other cell phone WeChat version may not be the same situation. You can follow the above method to see if there is a history. Finally, if the introduction of the editorial is helpful to you, remember to leave a comment to the editorial praise to let the editor know, or if you have any questions, you can leave a message to discuss together.

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How to delete WeChat search history

1, first of all, re-download a WeChat, after the completion of the installation of the first do not have to carry out the content of the recovery, the first board WeChat you will find that the drift bottle, the chat history and so on are not

2, in the cell phone side to start the WeChat, and then in the WeChat’s main interface at the bottom of the navigation click on the WeChat The main purpose of doing this is to generate WeChat’s system files

4, root the backup files, delete the newly generated garbled files, and then copy the original files to this folder, if you have not deleted it then be sure to cover it completely

5, connect your phone to the computer with a usb and open up \sdcard\tencent\ micromsg

Folder, delete the newly generated backup file, and then copy the old chat logs document into the previous backup, if not deleted, be sure to cover it completely

6, open the corresponding backup folder, if it is normal, you will see a bunch of numbers and letters to form the file name of the folder, go to find ” The “voice” folder, then you will see in the file arm format document, and it is what you want to recover WeChat voice chat records

7, here the entire recovery operation has been completed, re-login WeChat can be found in the previous chat records are back!