How to fill in the username and password Apple

How to set APPlelD username, and password

1, Baidu search Apple’s official website, and then click to enter the official website. As shown in the red box below:

2, after entering the official website, go directly to the bottom of the webpage and click on Manage your AppleID. as shown in the red box below:

3, click on the upper right corner of the Create your AppleID. as shown in the red box below:

4, in the creation of the ID to fill in the first name and the last name, separate Fill in the first name and last name into the box, and then select the region to fill in the birthday. As shown in the red box below:

5. Fill in the password should be at least eight characters and should contain upper and lower case letters and numbers. After that, you can set up three security questions. OK. As shown in the red box below:

6, and finally set the ID and password to fill out the login. As shown in the following red box:

How to set id account and password for Apple cell phone?

Recently, many of our partners who have newly purchased Apple phones are asking how to set up id account and password on Apple phones.

This video is recorded from iPhone 11 phone, iOS 14 system.

First open the Apple cell phone system [Settings], and then click on the top [Login to iPhone] option,

Then click on the [No or Forgot AppleID?], click on the [Create AppleID],

And then according to the page prompts to enter the name and date of birth, click on the [Next],

Choose the AppleID Register, enter your phone number or email address and click [Next],

Set your login password, click [Next], click [Continue], click agree to the agreement, and finally enter your lock screen password.

You can do it in the following way:

1. Open Apple’s official “My AppleID” webpage on your computer, and then enter your account number and password, and then click “Sign in”.

2. Tap “Next” in the lower-right corner of the screen after you’ve successfully logged in.

4. Apple will send you a password reset email.

5. Go to your registered mailbox to receive the email, and click “Reset your AppleIDpassword” in the email.

6. Open the web page and enter the new password you want to change twice, and finally click “ResetPassword” to finish setting the new password. (Please don’t use the same password for multiple websites.)

7. Apple will also send you an email notifying you that your password has been successfully reset after the new password is set.

8. For AppStore and iCloud photo streaming passwords on iPhone and iPad, a window will pop up asking you to re-enter your password.

9. Follow the above method and you can change your password.

Android phones usually download software, just need to search for their favorite software in the corresponding app market on the phone to download and install, then you can open and use. The Apple cell phone relative to the Android cell phone, it is relatively troublesome, because the Apple cell phone as long as there is no jailbreak, no matter what software to download, you need to log in to the Apple cell phone id account and password, so that the operation will be more cumbersome, but relatively speaking, it is safer. Today, I mainly around the Apple phone how to set id account, password or reset the password to say a few words on this issue.

First, the Apple phone set id account and password

First open the Apple user ID registration page, click to create “AppleID”. Fill in the registration information in the open user creation page, and then click on “Create AppleID” at the bottom of the page. Finally, check the box in front of Agree to Terms and Conditions, fill in the verification code and click “Create AppleID” to submit your information. At this point, be sure to remember the password, which will be used later, and will be used when you log in later, so be sure to remember it. After submitting when the return to the following picture of the information, the content of the prompt to open the registered mailbox to verify the information, so the registered mailbox must be normal and valid to be able to receive normal mail. Open the mailbox, receive a gossip from apple mail, if not received, it may be network delay, or registration fill in incorrect. Then open the email and click “Verify Now” in the email content. In the page that opens, you need to enter the email address and password that you used when you registered before, and then click “Verify Address” to verify, if everything is correct, it will return to a successful verification page, telling you that it has been verified. If everything is correct, it will return a page with the message that it’s been verified.

Second, Apple reset the id password

First, open Apple’s official website ( and click on “Technical Support” in the navigation menu. Then, in the technical support interface, click to enter the AppleID account settings. Enter the AppleID support interface, click on the left side of the login “My AppleID”.

In the Login to My AppleID screen, you’ll find the option to reinstall your password, so click the Reset Password link. To reset your AppleID password, first enter your AppleID account number and then click “Next” when you’re done.

Next, you’ll see that the email alert has been sent, so all you have to do is log in to the verification email and follow the instructions in the email to reset your password. Open the verification email, and you’ll see a message saying that you’ve recently initiated a password reset for your AppleID. To complete the process, click Reset Now.

Next, go to the AppleID reset settings screen, enter your new password twice, and click “Reset password” at the bottom. When you’re done, you’ll see a message that your AppleID password was reset successfully.

Through the method described above, we learned how to set up the Apple phone id account, password and reset password? We registered a good id account, must remember to remember the relevant account information, in case of forgetting the password or when the phone is lost, to retrieve very troublesome. And I would like to suggest that if you lose your cell phone, you must lock it at the first time and change the password. Because once the id account and password leakage, the phone is very easy to be thieves or crooks brush, and may even be remote control of the new phone in the hands of the owner.