How to find the information in the site search code

How to make the content of the pages in your website easily searchable?



Optimization of the page topic

The <title></title> part of a page is very important, and many SEOs firmly believe that Google gives priority to finding text here. Looking for the text here, so a lot of sites on the crazy here to write down a bunch of keywords, hoping to increase the probability of being searched, like our “Souk search”:

<TITLE>Souk search-integrated search, categorized search, search engine shellsouk </TITLE>

Oh, you’d think Google was that stupid? So easily swayed by a TITLE? In fact, we might as well be honest, realistic write down the name of their own sites, of course, the name of the site to be considered, it is best to include the main content of the site, for example, if your site is an original literary site, may be named “Ya Wenxuan”, very nice, but not pain, Google will not know! “Ya Wenxuan” is what to do, then here you can write as “Ya Wenxuan original literature” is much better.

Page header optimization

Page header refers to the code in the <head></head> part of the specific point is the <meta> in the “Description” and “Keywords (keywords)”. “Keywords (keywords)” two parts, this part of the SEOs are more effort, the theory of a whole lot! Summarized:

1, “description” part should be almost descriptive language to write down a paragraph introducing your site’s text, in which you should be appropriate to your site’s characteristics of the content to be repeated in order to highlight, for example:

< metaname=descriptioncontent=”SouK (original full search) is a full network of integrated search engine, including web search, news search, forum search, music search, image search, film and television search, game search, software search, map search, literature search, shopping search, cell phone search, commonly used tools and Web site Daquan”/

This is the whole network of integrated search engine search engine upgraded Souk search (souk/), in the description of the appropriate introduction to the content of the site, while repeatedly emphasizing the word “search”, which is more reasonable, and compared to the description of this site that:

<METANAME=”Description “CONTENT=”beauty salon, China beauty salon, beauty salon, beauty salon network, China beauty salon network, beauty salon network, beauty salon network, Shenyang beauty salon network, China beauty salon network”>

This can only be ignored by the search engines, as it is obvious that this is stacking keywords. Obviously this is stacking keywords to fool search engine programs.

2, “keyword” part is also very simple, you only need to list here you think is appropriate to highlight the content of the site’s keywords can be, not too much, 10 8 can be, more than useless, the search engine will only be browsing the front of the few, the rest is a waste. However, we should understand that the mainstream search engines are no longer rely on & lt; meta & gt; keywords, therefore, this part of the content we are just “routine”, I do not think it is significant, but better than nothing. And the choice of keywords is also a discipline, you can refer to the relevant articles on the Internet, do not do boring repetition like the following site, it seems too stupid.

<METANAME=”Keywords “CONTENT=”beauty salon,china beauty salon,beauty salon,beauty salon,china beauty salon,beauty salon network,beauty salon spread network,shenyang beauty salon spread network,china beauty salon spread network”>

Hyperlink optimization

Why search engines can index the world’s Web sites, because each search engine program has an automatic “crawl” on the Internet intelligent robot program, this robot is along the links between the site to visit the world, then we should create a good crawl channel for it! –Reasonable set of links.

What kind of links are reasonable? You just need to keep in mind the following points:

1, the use of plain text links, less, preferably do not use Flas*** set links, because the search engine can not recognize the text on the Flash, many companies, individuals like cool Flas***, the entrance to the site is also made into a Flash snippet, huh, do so at the moment is almost “seek their own death”, the search engine is difficult to patronize such a site. And individual designers are very sloppy, the site’s entrance link on the Flash, sometimes because the network is busy, the lack of Flash plug-ins and lead to the user simply can not see the content of the site, failure, failure in the failure.

2, according to the norms of writing hyperlinks, like this: <ahref=”/index “title=”Site Review, Free Promotion”>China Cool Station</a>, do not look down on this title attribute, which can play a role in prompting the role of the visitor, but also let the search engine to know where to go, pay attention to. Don’t write too wordy: title = “China’s cool site navigation is an authoritative site review organization, free promotion of your site”, so write the people eighty percent mental problems, and time is very rich.

3, it is best not to use the picture hot link, the reason and the first point is almost the same.

Image optimization

Image optimization is not for you to modify the size and color of the picture, but you should be for each <img> tags plus alt attribute, like this: <imgsrc=/1alt=”Lushan waterfall”/>, alt attribute is when the picture can not display When the text as an alternative to show up, and for SEO, it can make the search engine has the opportunity to index the picture on your site, we have used and google’s image search function, you think the search engine is how to find the picture, will not think that Google can understand the picture it! For some of the pictures that really do not make much sense, it is also best not to omit the alt, but should be left blank, that is, alt=””.

Make a “sitemap” for your website

What is a sitemap? To put it bluntly is a page, on this page it, lists the entrance address of each section of your site, like this (quanyo/about/map), site map has a great role, first of all, for a large number of columns of the site, it can help visitors to find the fastest speed of the content needed; secondly, you can give the search engine to provide a copy of their own website “Bird’s eye view” to facilitate the search robot in order to index the entire site.

PageRank (pr value)

PR value is an important parameter put forward by Google, which indicates the degree of importance of a certain website, so how is the pr value determined? At present, the common explanation is: if there are three websites ABC, each other for mutual friendship links, then when a visitor through the A on the friendship links to B, Google thinks A for B voted “a vote”, the same way, if someone from C to visit the B, then the B and a vote, if the world’s Web sites have a B’s If the world’s Web sites have B’s links, huh, you can imagine, B is the world’s most important Web site!

So how to provide our own pr which, looking for others to exchange links ah! However, you can’t look for them indiscriminately, you can’t look for them wildly, but you should look for some of them and your own website content is similar, and more excellent website, of course, your own website can’t be too bad, who will be willing to play chess with a stinky chess basket ah ^ _ ^

Remember! Don’t go crazy exchanging links, if your home page all of a sudden got a few hundred links, huh, Google not only won’t enhance your pr, may also have to think you cheat, so you from their own database to delete, then you’ll cry.

Static pages and dynamic pages

Therefore, the production of the site, it is best to avoid the use of dynamic pages, or improve the technology, so that the dynamic pages automatically generate the corresponding static pages, which can be convenient for the search engine, but also reduce the burden on the web server, database, a two-in-one, but this is not the case. feel right, or that, website traffic determines everything, even if all a dynamic page of the website, but because it is very popular visitors constantly, then it will still be favored by the search engine, will still appear in the forefront of the search results. And, as technology advances and search engines improve, searching for dynamic pages is bound to get easier in the future.

Avoid large “volume” of the page

Experience has shown that search engines do not like to index the large volume of the page, that is, the volume of the code part of a page should not be too large to control the best in the 100 kilobytes, I’ve seen a Web site, the light of the front page of the HTML code part of the volume of up to nearly 300 kilobytes. Code part of the volume is as high as nearly 300kb, oh, every time you browse it is equivalent to download a small software, thanks to the broadband, if the previous 56k kitten, not to think that the computer is dead.

The most important point! Reasonable code structure

Search engines like clear format, clear structure of the page, the theory is that XML is the most search engine’s appetite, oh, of course, this is too extreme, but if you use the latest XHTML + CSS technology will be separated from the performance of the page data, that is, to avoid a large number of nested forms and other redundant code can still be perfect to achieve this! requirements. In order to illustrate this issue, please allow me to once again help my friend’s website to advertise, oh, do not look at the ads, look at the effect!

Case 1: jitapu/

This website was started by a friend 2 months ago, and the content is to provide sheet music for guitar enthusiasts, and the website itself is not optimized for anything in particular, but the page production is fully compliant with the web standard XHTML1.0 + CSS2 technology to build, you can look at it above! each page of the source code, is not very clear, not usually see the messy table nested? This is such a personal site, Google “guitar sheet music” search ranked first, “guitar” search is also the first two pages; because of this, every day there are a large number of people looking for guitar sheet music through Google to find here, do not have to make any efforts to I’m not sure what he’s doing to publicize it, but I’m jealous!

Case 2: longmao

A store specializing in the sale of pet chinchillas home page, the establishment of nearly half a month, the flow of less than pitiful, but because of the same use of the web standard development, and at the same time, appropriate optimization, the current in the Google to “chinchilla” as a keyword search on the first page. “as a keyword search into the first 3 pages; to” Totoro price “search, ranking the first page of the second, and the frequency of use of these two keywords is still very high.

The reason why I cited these two sites, one is to help my friend to publicize, and the second is that the two sites from the beginning of the construction of the site I have been concerned about, they are in the search results of the rankings of the change is also what I have witnessed, because I and my friends are not very understanding of SEO, but it is because of the use of the web standard production pages, so that the site page has a very clear structure, perhaps it really happens to cater to Google’s search habits. Of course, XHTML for some friends is still difficult, but we can also use the correct HTML4.01 standard production page, the trick is one: more use of CSS styles, reduce the code in the modification part, such as the article title should be used <h1> to indicate that the paragraph on the use of <p> rather than <br/> and so on. and so on, this part of the details are very troublesome, you need to study their own research, and now the domestic professional SEOs have begun to pay attention to the XHTML technology, because they found that the XHTML can actually meet the establishment of a “good structure, clear regulations” of the page this requirement.

Well, my own experience is so much, SEO is a test experience to win the field, learning it is not so intuitive, the important thing is to improve their own skills, usually pay attention to observation, pay more attention to the news. Now someone out of a special e-book teaching SEO experience, the price is as high as 2,000 yuan, we still do not believe that the good, not that the person is a liar, just that this technology is changing too fast, if they do not have this understanding, today learned tomorrow may not be able to use it, a waste of money.