How to fix User Account Control Disabled

How to unblock a disabled computer account?

The solution is as follows:

1. Turn on the computer, the system prompts “Your account has been deactivated, please consult the system administrator”. Use the power button to force the computer on and off 3-5 times.

2. When the computer is turned on repeatedly for 3-5 times, the system will pop up “Recovery”, click “View Advanced Recovery Options”.

3, click “Continue” – “Startup Settings” – “Reboot”, as shown below.

4. After rebooting, the system automatically enters the “boot settings” interface, and presses the number 4 to enter “boot safe mode”.

5. The computer will automatically enter Safe Mode with an administrator account, and click on “This PC” – “Properties”.

6, open the “Computer Management” click on “Users”, select the stopped user, right-click and select “Properties”.

7. Finally, in the window that opens, uncheck the “Accounts are disabled” checkbox, restart can be used normally.

How to remove computer user privilege restrictions?

Under the Windows operating system, user privileges can be categorized as ordinary users, administrators, super administrators, etc. Users with different privilege levels can access and operate computers and files in different scopes. If you have logged on to a restricted user account and find that you can’t perform the operation you want to accomplish, you can try the following methods to unlock your computer’s user privileges:

1. Elevate Privileges: If you are an ordinary user who can’t perform certain operations, such as installing software or modifying system settings, you can elevate your privileges to perform them. You can right-click on the application or file you want to execute and select “Run as administrator”.

2. Switching accounts: If the current user’s privileges do not meet your needs, you can switch to an administrator or super-administrator account with higher privileges, which allows you to perform certain high-level operations.

3. Modify user groups or user permissions: Administrators or super administrators can modify user groups or user permissions through the Control Panel, which may allow users to gain higher privileges to access and use computer resources. Open the control panel, double-click “Administrative Tools”, and then select “Local Security Policy”, find “User Rights (LocalPolicies)” option, and then find the “User Rights Assignment (URA)” option. Find the option “LocalPolicies” and then “UserRightsAssignment”. From there, you can add/remove users and give them additional rights. Please note that before performing this action, make sure you know what you’re doing and that your system is secure.

It’s important to note that modifying permissions can lead to computer security risks, so be careful any time you change permissions. Especially if you’re not quite sure what you want to do, or if you want to change critical settings such as administrator account permissions, back up important files and data before deciding what to do.

Laptop user account is disabled how to do?

The solution to show that the account has been disabled when the computer:

1. First reboot – (normal boot).

2. Press F8 – (this everyone knows – boot options).

3. Select Safe Mode – (note: not Safe Mode with commands, but Safe Mode. F8 first option).

4. Type in the login password – (type your boot password, here even if the account is deactivated you can log in, don’t worry).

Wait for the system to fully log on to the desktop.

5. Start – Settings – Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Computer Management – System Tools – Local Users and Groups – Users – Administrator – right click – Properties.

6. Find the “account has been deactivated” – the front box checkmark removed – click OK – reboot.

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Win7 your account has been deactivated, please consult the system administrator to solve the problem

We are using the Win7 system boot, sometimes see your account has been deactivated, please consult the system administrator to the prompt, and thus can not open the machine can not be used normally. This situation is usually the user is disabled, you can in safe mode to disable, the following together to see the specific method.

win7 your account has been deactivated, please consult the system administrator to solve the problem

Method 1:

1, first restart the computer, and then in the boot press the keyboard “F8” key, choose to enter the “safe mode”. “


2. After entering Safe Mode, click “Start” and open “Control Panel”.

3, the upper right corner of the “View Mode” to “Large Icons”.

4. Select “Administrative Tools”.

5. Find “Computer Management” in Administrative Tools.

6. Open “System Tools” in Computer Management.

7. Select “Local Users and Groups”.

8. Right-click on “administrator” and select “Properties”.

9, in the Properties interface to uncheck the “account has been disabled”, and then click OK.

Method 2:

If the above method is ineffective, there may be an error within the system, and you need to reinstall the system to solve the problem.

1, first of all, prepare a u disk, make a system disk.

2. Put the system you need to install into the u-disk.

[u disk reinstallation system win7 download]

This system is specially built for u disk reinstallation, the whole use of offline installation mode, you can avoid online external files virus invasion into the system, to protect the system and privacy security.

In addition, the system also optimizes the installation process, only a few simple steps to complete the installation, very suitable for computer novice installation.

3. After preparing the USB flash drive, insert it into your computer’s USB port and turn it on/restart your computer.

4, start the process of pressing the hot key (usually “F12” different computers are not the same, you can read the manual or query) into the bios settings.

5, in the bios settings will be the startup item to u disk, usually with USB option.

6, after restarting the computer, select the u disk boot, you can enter the pe system.

7, in the pe system to find the downloaded reinstallation system, double-click to run.

8, and finally wait for the system reinstallation is complete, the computer automatically reboot, reboot process to pull out the u disk, and then wait to enter the new system can be.

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Why can’t I change this app’s access to your device?

In Windows 10, when you run certain apps, you may be presented with the “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” prompt, but there is only a No option. This is usually because the current user does not have administrator privileges or the UAC (User Account Control) setting is too high. Here’s how to fix it:

Method 1: Run the app with administrator privileges

Right mouse click on the app icon.

Click on the “Run as administrator” option.

Method 2: Disable User Account Control

Open the Control Panel.

Type “User Account Control” in the search bar and click “Change User Account Control Settings”.

Move the slider to “Never notify” and save the changes.

It’s important to note that disabling User Account Control can be a security risk if you continue to use other software on your machine. It is recommended that you enable User Account Control again after completing tasks that require administrator privileges.

In short, when you encounter similar issues in Windows 10, try running the application with administrator privileges or adjusting the User Account Control settings. If none of these methods solves the problem, you may need to reinstall the app, update the operating system, or consult with the appropriate technical support staff.

If this solves the problem can you please adopt it, thanks