How to make the computer web page font bigger

How to make the font bigger in the webpage?

Many partners in the computer’s browser when browsing the web feel that the font is not appropriate, want to adjust the size of the font should be how to operate? Today, I will teach you to make the font larger in the web page.

Web page fonts larger method a

1. First we open the computer, the location of the desktop right-click the mouse, and then click on the list of [Display Settings], as shown.

2. After the interface on the right side of the click on the [Zoom and Layout], select the appropriate proportion, I take 150% as an example, as shown.

3. After we return to the page you can see the font becomes larger, as shown.

Web page font size method two

1. First of all, open the computer’s browser, as shown.

2. After that, click on the upper right corner of the interface of the […]. After that, click the plus sign on the right side of [Zoom] in the list, as shown in the picture.

3. After adjusting the percentage, you can see that the font in the interface has become larger, as shown.

How to enlarge the words on the computer web page a little

1, open the computer desktop, enter the web page need to enlarge the font;

2, enter the web page, select the upper left corner of the page “view” option, click to enter;

3, enter the “View “interface, select the” text size “option, click to enter;

4, enter the” text size “interface, select” enlarge the font

What to do when the words on a computer web page become smaller

If you are using your computer to browse the web, and you find that the words on the page have become very small and difficult to read, you can take the following methods to solve the problem:

1. Use keyboard shortcuts: Hold down the “Ctrl” key, and at the same time, use your mouse to scroll forward with your mouse wheel, which will make the words on the page bigger. You can make the words on the page bigger. Conversely, scrolling backward with the mouse wheel will make the words on the page smaller.

2. Adjusting the browser zoom ratio: Click the “View” option in the menu bar of your browser, and then select “Zoom” to adjust the zoom ratio of the page. In general, selecting “Zoom” will make the words on the page larger.

3. Adjust the font size: Click “Settings” in the menu bar of your browser, and then select “Appearance” or “Interface”. “Font Size” option. By adjusting this option you can make the words on the page larger or smaller.

4. Change Browser: If you can’t solve the problem with any of the above methods, you can try to change to a different browser, and you may be able to get a better experience.

In short, when the words on the page become smaller, you can adjust the font size and zoom ratio on the page through the above methods to achieve a better reading experience.

To make the font on your computer screen larger, you can start from the following four aspects:

1. Adjust the display settings:

In Windows, you can change the display settings to increase the font on the screen. Open the Control Panel or right-click on the desktop and select Display Settings, then adjust the size of text, apps, and other items or the zoom and layout of the screen. “Zoom and Layout” options to increase the size of the fonts. On Mac systems, you can change the font size by selecting “Display” in “System Preferences” and adjusting “Resolution” or “Text Size “to change the font size.

2. Change your browser settings:

If you want to see larger fonts in your browser, you can adjust your browser’s display settings. In most common browsers, you can press the Ctrl key and roll your mouse wheel to enlarge or reduce the font on a page. Alternatively, you can find the Font or Zoom options in your browser’s Settings menu and change the font size by adjusting these settings.

3. Change application settings:

Some applications allow you to customize the font size in their settings. Typically, these settings can be found in the application’s Preferences or Settings menu. Browse the menus of the app you want to change the font size for options related to fonts, text size, or display, and make the appropriate adjustments.

4. Use the Accessibility option:

Operating systems often provide accessibility options that can help users change the font size on the screen. In Windows, you can open the Control Panel, select Easy to Use or Accessibility (the names may vary), and then locate the “Display” or “Display Settings” option to adjust the font size. On a Mac, you can select Accessibility or Display in System Preferences and adjust the Display or Display Settings option to adjust the font size. “or Show Text” settings.

With these four adjustments, you should be able to change the size of the fonts displayed on your screen to suit your needs.

How to make the web page font bigger

Question 1: Open the web page font bigger how to make the web page font smaller method:

Method 1: left mouse button point in the blank space of the web page and then at the same time press the “ctrl” key and “-” key. “key, you can make the web page in the font smaller (bigger is ctrl + plus key)

Method two: hold down the ctrl key at the same time, scroll down the mouse (up is bigger). This is a bit easier (because you don’t have to look for the plus and minus sign on the keyboard).

ps: These two methods work for all browsers. Side note: you can press F11 after opening a web page to remove the tab bar and taskbar from the web page as well, which makes it a little easier to see the page (and then press F11 to restore the page).

I hope my answer can help you! I hope you will adopt it! *^_^*

Question 2: How to adjust the size of the words on the web page? Hold down the “crtlfo while scrolling the mouse wheel can be adjusted, or in the lower right corner of the web page there is a picture of the picture, you can adjust it to 100%

Question 3: How to adjust the size of the words on the web page? top page of the font is used px or em, many domestic stations are used px, so encounter IE there is no way to enlarge the font, Firefox can be used, specifically in the settings inside, IE, then directly to the right foot of the zoom web page size is very good to use

Question 4: the web page of the word is too small, how to become larger?

1, if the computer resolution is set too high, the web page font will appear to be smaller, so the computer resolution is smaller, is a way to increase the web page font.

2, general browsers support the use of the mouse wheel to change the font size of the method, press Ctrl in the scrolling mouse wheel, the web page of the word will become larger or smaller.

3, open the IE browser, in the menu above, select Tools – Internet Options – Accessibility, in the dialog box that opens, check the “Ignore the font size specified in the web page” option, press OK. Then the font size in the browser with the system settings and become larger. If you feel that the word or big or small, you can click in the IE menu – & gt; View – & gt; text size, choose your appropriate font size can be.

Question 5: How to make the web page font bold Method 1. -First open the word

The body is not satisfied with the web page, mouse click to point to the upper left corner of the view, and then

Point below the font size, there are large and small can be adjusted.

Method 2. Desktop click Properties and then click Settings to adjust the resolution.

Question 6: How to do can make the computer desktop and web pages in the word bigger?1. Change the desktop font right-click on the desktop, in the Properties / Appearance / “font size” in the text can be adjusted size. If it is not clear, you can check the “Effect” dialog box “use the following ways to make the edges of the screen font smooth”, the drop-down table in the “standard” to “clear performance”. “Clear Performance”.

2. Change the IE text in the small: IE Tools/Internet Options/General/Assistive features in the check box “do not use the font size specified in the web page”, click “OK” to exit. Then in IE click “View” / font size, select “larger” or “maximum”.

Question 7: How to change the font size of the whole webpage in css]@]@]


Place this code after the css file in the header. Or at the very bottom of the page style css file!

!important can ignore the subsequent settings and always execute the current settings, because css is a cascading style sheet, the default execution is the nearest factory rule, this important can ignore the subsequent settings and always call the current settings!

Page settings in the only change in the size of the word, to see the picture of what really does not help

Question 9: How to adjust the computer display of the web page font size? In the bottom right corner of the browser, there is a display icon on the far right, showing “100%”.

How to make the font bigger in the computer webpage?

1, find qq browser on our computer desktop and click on it

2, click on the three horizontal bars on the top right of the screen

3, if you want to reduce the font in the browser, you can click on the minus button on the right side of zoom

4, if you want to enlarge the If you want to enlarge the font in the browser, you can click the plus button on the right side of the zoom

5. Finally, click the lock icon and you’re done.