How to restore the icon of WeChat desktop shortcut

Mobile phone desktop WeChat icon is missing how to recover

1, WeChat icon disappeared, may be due to a temporary problem with the phone, restart the phone can generally return to normal.

2, may be insufficient memory, through the cell phone cleaning software to clean up the content, and then restart the phone can also.

3, after restarting the phone, if there is no icon on the desktop, you can find WeChat in the program and long press the icon to drag it to the desktop.

4, if you really can not, you can re-download and install WeChat in the application market, the successful installation will be prompted to create a shortcut on the desktop.

5. Check whether you have set up a hidden application (some phones support the hidden application function).

6. Some of the included programs are in the Samsung or GalaxyPlus folder.

7, check if there is a new version of the phone system, upgrade the system to try (first backup important data in the phone).

WeChat desktop shortcuts are gone how to recover

We often accidentally deleted the phone or computer desktop shortcuts. If the computer above the WeChat icon is missing, we can click in the lower left corner of the computer: [Start] – [All Programs] – [WeChat Installer] – [WeChat], and then click on the right button of the genus label, choose to send shortcuts to the desktop can be.

We can see the icon of WeChat when we return to the desktop, and then click to open and log in WeChat. If the computer above the WeChat accidentally uninstalled, then you need to go to the WeChat official website to download WeChat, and then re-installed, in the process of installation, the computer will prompt you to create a WeChat shortcut, you can choose to create a shortcut, so that the installation is complete, the desktop above the WeChat icon will be there.

WeChat icon on top of the phone is missing, you need to go to the phone software page, find WeChat, and then long-press and hold WeChat’s icon, you can put it on the desktop of the phone. You can also choose to clear the WeChat data, reopen the WeChat software, it will automatically create a shortcut. Alternatively, you can go to the WeChat website and re-download and install WeChat, which will also automatically create a shortcut to your phone’s screen.

How to recover WeChat if you can’t find it on the desktop

The recovery steps are as follows:

1. In Windows, you can find the WeChat app through the start menu or search bar. Find the WeChat icon in the start menu, right-click on it, and select “Fix to Taskbar” or “Send to” to fix the WeChat icon to the taskbar or send it to the desktop.

2. If the WeChat application is already installed on your computer, you can find the WeChat executable file in the Applications folder, right-click on it, and select “Send to” or “Create Shortcut” to create a shortcut to WeChat on your desktop. shortcut on your desktop.

3. If the WeChat application has been deleted from your computer, you need to download and install WeChat again. You can download the latest version of WeChat from the official WeChat website and follow the instructions in the installation program to complete the installation. After the installation is complete, the WeChat icon should automatically appear on your desktop.

WeChat icon accidentally deleted how to recover

One, the desktop icon is missing, you can open the hidden option, and then go to Settings, Accessibility, Apps, find the Flyme desktop, click on the clear data to reset the desktop.

Second, the desktop icon is deleted, and not uninstalled

You can find the relevant WeChat APP in the application management, drag and drop it to the desktop; drag and drop the installation of the WeChat APP desktop management interface; let go of the desktop, there can be an icon, that is, it still exists; if it does not appear WeChat APP, then you can find software Reinstall, and then select the desktop shortcut, which can also exist on the desktop.