How to save a computer word table

Do a good job of how to save the form

The specific steps are as follows.

1, excel2010 version, for example, the following form is done need to save, you can directly click on the upper-left corner of the Save icon to save directly;

2, such as do not want to save the original file, then click on the upper-left corner of the file to find Save As, click;

3, click on the Save As, a pop-up box will allow you to choose the location of the Save As! Select the file you want to save the location of the computer can be;

4, the file name can be changed to a new file name, easy to distinguish and find, and then click OK;

5, the form will be saved on the computer, to find you save the form of the form of the place you can find the form.

word, excel document how to set up auto-save

Word documents can be set up to save automatically, the specific operation is as follows:

One, the use of tools: word2010

Second, the steps:

1, enter the word2010, click on the “file” menu “Options”, as shown:

2, select the “Save” tab, enter the save interval and enter the save time. “menu in the” Options “as shown:

2, select the” Save “tab, enter the interval to save and press” OK

How to save word table as quick table in word.

We may sometimes need to reuse a set word, this time we need to save the word form as a template or table saved as a quick form, so we can be very convenient to use. So how to save the word form in Word as a quick form? I’ll introduce you to it.

Specific as follows:

1. The first step, open word2010, click the top left corner of the page file options, open the word form has been set up.

2. The second step, we use the mouse to move to the form, click on the form of the upper-left corner of the cross arrow.

3. Step 3, click on the Insert option referred to on the page below, followed by clicking on the Table option in the Table group.

4. Step 4, then we will see the drop down menu option as shown in the image below, click on the Quick Form option.

5. In the fifth step, we will see the panel as shown in the figure below, click on “Save selection to Quick Forms Library” option.

6. Step 6, in the “New Building Block” dialog box that pops up, change the “Name” and leave the others as default, then click “Confirm”. option. In this way, we have succeeded in Word will be word form saved as a quick form, we can click on the form of quick form options, you can find just saved into the form.