How to transfer folders using LAN

How to transfer files quickly on LAN | Ways to transfer files with same LAN

How to transfer files with same LAN? In the past, we use U disk or other removable storage devices to share operations, which is more time-consuming. Nowadays, LAN folder sharing is very convenient for enterprises or teams, which can copy or share files directly through sharing between computers. Below I teach you how to quickly transfer files via LAN.

How to transfer files on a LAN is as follows:

1. Right-click on a folder or printer that needs to be shared, and then select “Sharing” in the pop-up menu to select “Specific Users”.

2. Add the user, if it is open to all users in the LAN, add Everyone user.

3, set permissions, according to the need to set the user read and write permissions.

4, file sharing settings are complete.

Note: This sharing method must be enabled in the Network and Sharing Center for the current network configuration of the file and printer sharing, off the premise of sharing password protection settings to work properly.

5. Enter the IP address of the machine in the address bar of the other machines on the LAN, and you can access the copy and paste to modify the “My Documents” folder of the machine.

The above is a small introduction to the Win10 system on how to use the LAN to pass files, I hope to be able to help you.

How to use LAN to transfer files to each other


Two computers


1, first, select the computer file you want to copy files.

2. Right-click on the folder and click “Share and Security”.

3, a pop-up window, check the “share this folder on the network”, click “OK”.

4, set up, the folder icon will become the following picture.

5, switch to the desktop, right-click the “My Computer” icon, click “Properties”.

6, click on the “computer name”, you can see the full computer name.

7, click on the desktop of the “Online Neighborhood”, the left side of the pop-up window, click on the “View workgroup computer”.

8, show the workgroup computer, looking for microsoft-abc computer.

9, double-click to enter, you can display the shared folder.

How to transfer files on LAN?

Question 1: How to transfer files using LAN? Online under a flying pigeon software

Question 2: How to transfer files in a LAN (detailed)Adjust the firewalls of all computers to the middle (many firewalls and medium defense is designed for the LAN), and then the IP is adjusted to the same network segment. Generally it is then a machine in the need to share the file shelf right-click click on the share to open the share and then if it is home you can use a simple share if it is a unit you can use the Share Wizard to encrypt and some other operations. You can also right-click on a NTFS-formatted partition and change the permissions in the Properties section to assign more detailed permissions.

Question 3: How to use FTP to transfer files on a LAN 5 points 1, set up an FTP server. 2, create the appropriate account on the FTP server and give it the appropriate permissions

Question 4: How do I transfer files between two computers on a LAN? You can create a folder on both computers, right-click and select Share, then when you pass files, copy your files directly to the folder on the other computer through the Online Neighborhood

Question 5: How to pass files to each other on a LAN set the files you need to pass to each other to be shared, and then set all the computers to the same workgroup (My Computer-Properties-Computer Name), so that in the Online Neighborhood, the files are shared between the computers. ), so that you can see all the computers in a group in the online neighborhood, double-click to open and find that file, you can copy it over. Be careful not to set a password for the computer.

Question 6: How do you transfer files on a LAN using a LAN transfer tool, or just set up a LAN sharing mechanism, and copy them freely.

Question 7: How to transfer large files on a LAN There is a good software for transferring files on a LAN, and we all use that one up to more than 10 megabytes per second, called Flying Pigeon Transmission Software

Question 8: How to transfer files between computers on a LAN You can set up a share of a folder that you need to transfer to a LAN, and then transfer it to a computer that you need to transfer to. you need to pass to the computer in the online neighborhood to find your shared files computer, open the general can, if your online neighborhood is empty, you need to play in the address bar above the \\\ and then add the name of the shared machine can be found in general

QUESTION NINE: in the LAN how to pass a computer’s files to other computers can be found in the online neighborhood. View the working group, which has all the registered computers in the LAN, if not, point set up a home or small office network, and then follow the steps down on the OK, but remember that you and the receiving computer to be so set up

Question 10: LAN file transfer slow online neighborhood – Properties – Local Connection – Properties – Ridge – Advanced – Connection speed and duplex mode (some in English)

Set to 100M full duplex (100full)

Two computers how to quickly transfer files

Principle is to use the transfer function of the LAN between computers, with a network cable directly connecting the two computers can quickly transfer large files.

Steps: 1. First, the two computers will be turned on, and then connected with a network cable, you can plug directly into the port usually used to access the Internet;

2, find the computer needs to transfer files, and then set up a share, the method is to select the folder, right-click, click on the share;

3, set up a share of the query ip address, you can enter cmd in the run, click OK, and then in the pop-up, the ip address can be used to transfer files to the computer. Click OK, and then in the pop-up window, type ipconfig, and then press the Enter key, so you can see the ip;

4, will be viewed before the ip address in the other computer in the run to enter;

5, click on the OK will be able to connect to the two computers, and you can see the previously shared files;

6, and finally opened the local disk, right-click to copy and paste, you can achieve the purpose of file transfer.