How to turn off security center alerts on your computer

Windows Security Center warning always pops up how to do

Recently, there are a lot of partners to the editorial feedback, said their windows security center warning always pops up, feel very troublesome, want to solve this problem, but do not know how to do it, we have already compiled a good for you to close the two windows security center warning method.

Windows Security Center warning always pops up how to do?

Method 1,

1. In the Win Start menu search bar directly search the security center can open the relevant page;

2. Referring to the above picture, in the left tab click on the Virus and Threat Protection, the right side of the page, to find the “Virus and Threat Protection” settings, choose to start;


3. After starting the “Virus and Threat Protection” back to the left tab, click on the firewall and network protection, the right side will open the “firewall and network protection” content, domain networks, private networks and public networks are clicked to open it;

4. Congratulations windows security center comes with virus protection and firewall have been opened, if you do not encounter security problems, it will not be frequent pop-ups, unless you encounter threats and network security issues.

Method two,

1. In the lower right corner of the computer taskbar time location on the right mouse button, click on the pop-up notification settings;

2. Or in the pop-up notification bar in the title bar location, that is, the following screenshot of the area I marked with a red box click on the right button of the mouse, it will be a small pop-up menu, select the “go to Notification settings! “

3. After selecting “Go to Notification Settings”, you will directly enter the following page;

4. The red box shown in the above picture, close the position, the computer will not have a reminder notification.

The above is the windows security center warnings are always popping up the solution, I hope to help you.