How to view IP address with ping command

How to view the ip address of a domain name with the ping command?

How to view the ip address of a domain name with the ping command:

Click on the Start menu at the bottom left corner of your computer and open the “Run” option. Then type “cmd” and open it. In the pop-up page, type ping + the domain name you want to see, such as, and then press the Enter key on the keyboard, then the IP is the IP you want to see.

Usually, you can use this address to upload files and manage files. By pinging this upload address, the IP address you get is the same as the actual domain name IP.

How to view their computer’s ip address is how much

View with the computer directly connected to the device IP method is as follows:

One, the use of Ping naming query IP

First of all, use the Windows + R key to open the Run window, and then enter CMD to enter the Command Prompt window.

Then enter the command window, type: ipconfig/all enter to see the whole computer’s detailed IP configuration information.

Two, use the network status to view the IP address.

First, enter the Network and Sharing Center (in the Control Panel can enter, right-click the network icon in the lower-left corner can also be accessed), and then click on the network has been linked.

Then, once you’ve completed the first step, you’ll be taken to the Network Connection Status window, where you can click on Details.

Then you can see the detailed IP configuration information of the network in the detailed list.

Development of IP addresses:

Another very important element of the IP protocol is that it specifies a unique address, called an IP address, for every computer and other device on the Internet. This unique address ensures that users can efficiently and easily select the objects they need from among the millions of computers operating on the network.

The IP address is like our home address. If you want to write a letter to someone, you need to know his or her address so that the mailman can deliver it. A computer sending a message is like the letter carrier, it has to know the unique home address in order not to deliver the letter to the wrong person. Except that our addresses are expressed in words, and the computer’s address is expressed in binary digits.

IP addresses are used to give computers on the Internet a number. What you see on a daily basis is that an IP address is required on every PC that is connected to the Internet in order to communicate properly. If we compare a PC to a telephone, then an IP address is the equivalent of a phone number, and a router in the Internet is the equivalent of a programmable switch in a telecommunications office.

An IP address is a 32-bit binary number, usually divided into four 8-bit binary numbers (that is, four bytes). IP addresses are usually expressed in dotted decimal as (a.b.c.d), where a, b, c, and d are decimal integers between 0 and 255. Example: Dot-decimal IP address ( is actually a 32-bit binary number (01100100.00000100.00000101.00000110).