How to write fonts vertically in word tables

How to set vertical font in word table

When tabulating in word table, we may use some effects and styles to make some more detailed table, for example: let the text vertical arrangement. So here are the tips that I will share with you to set the font vertically in word form, hope it can help you.

word form set vertical font steps are as follows:

Step 1: First of all, open the word, make a table.

Step 2: Enter the text, set the font size and other values, the current default text is horizontally aligned.

Step 3: Select the text, click the right mouse button, select the text direction, set the direction of the text you want, such as vertical alignment.

Step 4: Well, so our vertical text is complete, and then set the text of the cell formatting, modify the text in the cell location, it’s ok.

Step 5: In addition, there is a vertical text method: select Insert – vertical text box, you can directly enter the vertical text in the text box.

Step 5: In addition, there is a vertical text method: choose Insert – Vertical Text Box, you can enter vertical text directly in the text box.

WORD form how to write vertically

In the upper and lower unequal trapezoid insert a vertical text box, enter the vertical text, you can adjust the font size moderate, move the text box to the appropriate location (text box is available with the cursor can be moved at will), in the format of the text box box line to “no”, it is good.

Set the text box for the “no” method: the cursor on the text box lines, out of the cross arrow when you press the right button, select “Set Text Box Format (o)”, select the line format – the color is none – OK.

In word form how to type the vertical font

Setting method:

1, the cursor will be positioned in the need to set the vertical text in the cell;

2, click the page layout —- text direction —- vertical can be, as shown in the figure.