Huawei cell phone system maintenance how to lift off

How to turn off system maintenance on Huawei nova9

The steps to turn it off are as follows:

1. Open the Settings app on your Huawei nova9.

2. Go to “System and Updates” and select “Backup and Restore”.

3. On the Backup & Restore page, find the “Turn off system maintenance” option, and then click on it to turn off system maintenance.

Honor cell phone system maintenance in where how to close it?

Methods are as follows:

First of all, open the phone, in the phone desktop to find the “service” icon, click on the icon can enter the service page.

Then in the service page, you can see a search box at the top of the page, click on the search box and then proceed to the next step.

Next, type “repair mode” in the search box, and a “repair mode” match will appear below the search box.

Finally, you can see the interface shown in the image below, and click the “Close” button on the interface to successfully close the repair mode.

How to release Huawei’s repair mode

Huawei’s repair mode can be exited by shutting down the phone and rebooting.

Phone: Huawei p50, harmonyOS 3.0, shutdown key.

1, Huawei cell phone right side of the outer edge to find the [power button] press, light Huawei cell phone screen.

2. Press and hold the [Power button] again continuously until the phone screen displays the Reboot and Shutdown options.

3, the interface to select the reboot option to click, Huawei phone can be shut down and restart.

Repair Mode Role:

Generally repair, if the phone is malfunctioning or damaged, the manufacturer suggests that the user empty the data in the phone, and then set it into a password-less mode to hand over to the repairer, which is designed to be easy for the repairer to operate.

But for users who don’t have strong hands, backing up a large amount of data is not an easy task, and then restoring the data to the phone, which takes a lot of time, so this repair mode is not a very good experience for users.

In order to improve the user experience, Huawei has introduced a special “repair mode”, where the user can set up some settings to completely isolate personal information from the repair process, so that the repairer does not have access to the user’s private information.