Remove carriage returns from word tables

How to delete the word in the carriage return symbol?

To remove the carriage return in Word, you can use the following two methods:

Method 1: Use the “Find and Replace” function to remove the carriage return

Open your Word document.

Press “Ctrl + H” key combination, or click the “Start” tab in the “Find” icon, select “Find and Replace” option. Replace” option.

In the Find and Replace window, click the Find tab, and then enter “^” in the Find Content input box. p” (without the quotes), which represents a carriage return.

Don’t enter anything in the “Replace with” box and click the “Replace All” button.

Wait for the replacement to complete and close the Find and Replace window to remove all carriage returns.

Method 2: Use the “paragraph symbols” function to remove the carriage return

Open your Word document.

Press “Ctrl + Shift + 8” key combination, or click the “Start” tab in the “Paragraph Symbols” icon to show all the paragraph symbols.

Select all the paragraph symbols (including the carriage return symbol), and then press the “Delete” key or “Backspace” key to delete them.

Finally, press “Ctrl+Shift+8” or click the “Paragraph Symbols” icon in the “Start” tab to hide all paragraph symbols. symbols.

The above two methods can be removed from Word in the carriage return symbol, according to personal preferences and the actual situation to choose one of the methods of operation.

How to remove the carriage return symbol from word tables?

Remove the word form of the return symbol method:

Operation Demo Version word2019

System Version Win10

1, first open the word you can see that there are a lot of return key symbols

2, and then click on the [File] and then click on the [Options] the following chart

3, and then click [Show] as shown below:

4, and then click the box in front of the paragraph mark to remove the check mark, as shown below:

5, and finally you can see that the carriage return symbol disappeared, as shown in the following chart:

word document how to eliminate the carriage return key

1, the first method: in turn, click on the word document in the upper left of the office button icon —- word Options — display, find the [paragraph mark], the [paragraph mark] in front of the checkmark removed, the carriage return character disappeared. Although the return character is removed, but still occupy word space, we introduce the following method can remove the return character, but also save word space, so that the content is more compact.

2, the second method: press [ctrl + F] key or [ctrl + H] key or click the word [Find] or [Replace], open the Find Replace and options interface. In the find box, type ^l (note that ^ is shift + 6 key, l is shift + L key, both are in the English state input.) Do not enter anything in the find box. Click [Replace All], you can see that the soft return character has disappeared and the word content is more compact.