Remove empty rows after word table

How to remove table formatting and blank lines in word form?

How to remove the table format in Word blank line spaces

One, remove the table and format

In order to layout neat, web documents are in the form of a table of the form of the existence of a table, just the general situation of the form of the table’s color is set to colorless or table width is set to 0, so we can not see the table on the web page. In addition, web documents use manual line breaks for line breaks, as well as formatting settings such as fonts. If you paste text copied from a web page directly into Word, then they are all pasted in as well, which makes retyping a big hassle.

From the “Edit” menu, click “Select All”, then click “Cut”, and then click “Selective Paste “. In the open “Selective Paste” dialog box, select the “form” as “unformatted text”, OK. So that the form and a variety of formats are gone, manual line breaks have become a carriage return (paragraph markers). In addition, you can also choose from the “File” menu “Save As”, save the document as a plain text file, and then open Word, the effect and the above method is exactly the same.

If you just copied the text from the web page, then in Word you can directly implement the “Selective Paste” step, which will save a lot of work.

Two, remove spaces

Web page text will have a lot of empty paragraphs and spaces, layout in Word also need to clear. So why this step to delete spaces, rather than first delete the empty paragraph? The reason is: some seem to have nothing in the paragraph there may be spaces, and there are spaces in the paragraph is not really empty, in Word can not perform a batch of them to delete the operation.

First of all, from the “Edit” menu to open the “Replace” dialog box (open and do not close, after the operation to be completed here). Position the cursor in the “Find Content” text box, click the space bar to enter a space (the default is a half-width space), “Replace with” text box do not fill in anything. Click “Replace All”, Word will remove all the spaces. You may say how I have a lot of space ah? Do not worry, if so, that is because there are two other kinds of spaces in this document: full-width spaces and tab spaces. For these two kinds of spaces, half-width spaces will not take them as a family, so replace them when ignored. Open the Chinese input method, press Shift + space bar, switch to full-angle state, and then press the space bar in the “Find Content” box enter a full-angle space, “Replace with” is empty, and then press “Replace All and then press “Replace All”, all the full-width spaces are deleted. and then click the dialog box in the “Advanced” button, and then click “Special Characters”, select “Tabs”, in the “Find Content “box will appear” ^ t “(of course, you can also manually enter),” Replace with “empty, and then click” Replace All “, tab spaces are also are gone.

Three, delete the empty paragraph

Delete the empty paragraph of the time is finally ripe. In the “Find and Replace” dialog box “Advanced” mode, twice click “Special Characters” in the “Paragraph Markers “,” Find Content “box will appear in two” ^p “^p” (you can also manually enter ^p ^p), and then position the cursor in the” Replace with ” box, click the “paragraph mark” enter a “^p”, and then click “Replace All”, all the empty paragraphs in the document all disappear.

What is the reason? Think about it, there is no space in the empty paragraph is how

how to generate? Wasn’t it after we typed two consecutive carriage returns? Now replacing two consecutive carriage returns with one just eliminates that empty segment.

If there are consecutive empty segments that can’t be replaced at once, you can press Replace All a few more times until you’re prompted for a replacement.

In this way, the information you copy from the Internet will certainly lose weight and make you very satisfied.

Four, text-only content (remove manual line breaks)

If the copied content is a text-only form, no tables and pictures, and are willing to retain the formatting of HTML documents and links, etc., click on the toolbar directly on the “Paste” button on the web page on the text of the original attributes will be retained! down. But then the document often seems more cluttered, the need to re-edit, layout, its font size, font, font and line spacing, alignment, etc. to reset.

In many cases, there will be a large number of documents in the “manual line breaks (arrow down symbols)”, if the method of deletion and then enter plus paragraph markers to deal with the long document is very time-consuming, this time you can apply Word’s “Find / Replace! “function to easily solve. In the “Find/Replace” dialog box, open the “Advanced” option, in the “Find Content” box with “^I “(manual line breaks), in the “Replace with” box with “^p” (paragraph markers), as long as then click the “Replace All” button, instantly on the completion of the replacement operation. In some documents there are two “manual line breaks”, then as long as the “Find Content” box with “^I^I” (two manual line breaks), and then the implementation of the “Replace All” operation will work.

If you do not need to retain the original formatting and links, click “Edit ¡ú Selective Paste”, open the “Selective Paste” dialog box, in the “Paste” options Select “unformatted text”, OK on it. This copy of the text does not come with any formatting, a little processing can be done. If you are using Word2002, it is more convenient, directly click the toolbar “Paste” button, copy the text at this time with the format, but in the copy of the text in the lower right corner of a “Select Paste” button, click this button menu “only retain the text” command, the text is immediately converted to unformatted text.

After the above process, there are many useless spaces in the document can then use the “Find/Replace” function to remove the clean.

Fifth, with the text of the form

Sometimes we copy the content from the web page is with a form, which brings a lot of trouble for the layout, then we can remove the form. Just move the cursor to any position within the form, click “Form ¡ú Convert ¡ú Form to Text”, pop-up a “Form to Text” dialog box, and then select the “Paragraph Marker ” or “tab” and other text separator, OK, the form disappeared, and the text is retained intact, and text formatting and links are retained. If you only need its text content, do not want to retain the formatting and links, etc., the use of “selective paste” command to solve the problem.

How to copy from the web page in WORD, the article in the table border removed

Method 1:

Pasted into the word, do not click ah and so on, move the mouse to the text block (generally pasted is a large text block) at the end of the end, there is a small icon, left-click with the mouse, select only to retain the text can be

Method 2:

If only need to retain its text content do not want to use “Selective Paste” command can solve the problem.

Method 2:

Select the text in the web page – copy it to Notepad – and then copy it from Notepad to word, so that all the forms, pictures and other information do not exist. To have pictures and text, then, the method is as follows: you first copy to word, and then select a form (web pages are forms of forms, you click an octagon in the upper left corner, select a form), menu – form – conversion — form to text — OK. This way the form is removed.

If the form is more, you come more times.

Method 3:

Select the form of text cut – paste to the form under the table, and then cut off the empty form box can be,

Another method, first select the web page to be copied in the contents of the open WORD, do not paste directly, but select the “Edit” – “Selective Paste” – unformatted text, there is no table!

How do you get rid of blank lines below a table in word?

This is because you have this form’s properties set to wrap around. You can select the form, right-click, select “Form Properties”, in the “Form Properties” dialog box, “Form” tab, select the “Text Around “way for” none “and click” OK “on the line.

I use office2010, I want to ask how to delete the blank line behind the word form, and how to delete the blank page!

This blank line can not be deleted, the solution to the blank page of several ways:

1, the form of line height will be set a little smaller, so that the blank line and the form on the same page.

2, the upper and lower margins set a little smaller, so that the blank lines and forms on the same page.

3, select the blank line, the paragraph – line spacing is set to “fixed value”: 1 pounds, so that the blank line becomes very small, automatically “squeezed” into the form at the end of the page.

4, select the blank line, in the format – font, set to “hide text”, to hide the blank line.

(1, 2 method can be used in combination.)

(1,2 method can be used in combination.)