Taobao auto shipping interface where to set up

Taobao merchant sellers how to set up store automatic delivery?

Tools / raw materials can be networked computer a method / step

1, first of all, find the merchant login interface, enter the password and other requirements, you can log in, the following is also a variety of ways to enter by scanning the code.

2, then pull down the web page, the interface of the left side of the column below the software services, point which automated operations.

3, at this point you can jump into the new interface, click on the top of the search, check the automatic shipment.

4, there are currently two tools, you can click on the back of the purchase button, the next step to view, there will usually be a trial period, you can compare the choice. (You may be asked to log in again after this step, just log in again.)

5, and finally find this tool again, point to buy, you can pop up the dialog, you can see the free experience in January, check the agreement, you can point to the payment item. Different plug-ins have instructions on how to use, according to the actual situation to see.


Auto-shipment system is automatically sent to the corresponding card number and password directly to the buyer’s “My Taobao” and “bought the baby” page and the seller does not need to Wang Wang online, to achieve 24-hour 24-hour transaction of the fast platform. This is a great way to make sure that you are able to get the most out of your purchase.

Taobao online store how to get automatic shipment?

Taobao automatic shipment settings:

1, first login to the merchant interface. As shown in the following figure:

3, click on the automated operation to enter the new interface, in the upper right corner of the webpage search bar enter ‘automatic shipment’, click search. As shown in the following picture:

4. Select Auto Ship and click the buy icon in the upper right corner. As shown in the following figure:

5. At this time, because of sensitive operations, it will once again jump to the login interface shown in the figure, and then log in again to return to the interface. As shown in the following figure:

6, search for the tool again, point to buy, the pop-up application order, select the order as required. As shown below:

7, need to read the instructions for this application, according to the application of different steps will be somewhat different. Need to have a computer running all the time, when there is an order the software will be automatically executed, according to their own needs to set up. As shown in the figure below:

8, finally, open the background of the application, their own goods and need to send the content added to the database, when there is a transaction, the software will automatically send the appropriate content. As shown in the figure below:

How to set up auto shipping ah?

For Taobao sellers, setting up automatic shipment can save time and improve efficiency, but also better meet the needs of buyers. Here are the specific steps on how to set up automatic shipment of Smart Card:

1. Log in to the Taobao seller’s backstage, enter the “Transaction Management” page, and click on the “Auto Shipment Settings”.

2. In the “Auto Ship Settings” page, click “Add Template”.

3. On the “Add Template” page, select “ Smart Card” as the shipping template, and fill in the relevant information, such as the card code, shipping method, and logistics method.

4. After selecting the “shipping method” and “logistics method”, click “Save” to complete the autoship settings.

It should be noted that, in setting up the automatic shipment, we should prepare a good rechargeable card secret in advance, and import the card secret to the Taobao seller background. This is to ensure the smooth running of the auto shipment.

It is worth mentioning that for the sale of the card class goods, special attention needs to be paid to prevent trade disputes and other issues. Sellers are advised to read the Taobao seller rules and related policies in detail, and strictly abide by the transaction process and regulations to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the transaction.

Taobao how to set up automatic shipment

Question 1: Taobao automatic shipment how to get, in detail, first of all you need to have the conditions to apply for automatic shipment:

1, non-Consumer Protection sellers (at least should meet all of the following conditions)

1) the number of virtual items accounted for more than 90% of the total number of items in the store;

2) the weekly turnover of the game virtual trading area in the 8,000 yuan or more;

3) weekly turnover of more than 50 transactions;

4) not found to have harmed the interests of consumers, Taobao, Alipay or reputation of the facts and suspicions.

2, consumer protection sellers (at least should meet all of the following conditions)

1) the number of virtual items accounted for more than 90% of the total number of items in the store;

2) the game virtual trading area weekly turnover of more than 5,000 yuan;

f3) weekly turnover of more than 50 pens;

4) has not been found to have harmed the interests of consumers, Taobao, Alipay interests or reputation of the facts and suspicions.

3, virtual goods flash shipment sellers

1) not found to have damaged the interests of consumers, Taobao, Alipay or reputation of the facts and suspicions.

2) Once a virtual goods flash shipping seller has withdrawn from the “virtual goods flash shipping” service of the Consumer Protection Service, he or she will need to re-examine whether he or she has the qualifications to open the automatic shipping function according to his or her status (non-consumer protection seller or consumer protection seller).

After having to follow the system prompts to do on the line

Question 2: How do Taobao sellers automatically ship? What software is used first into your Taobao, enter the seller center

then enter the seller service

then search

here is the automatic shipping software you want

Question 3: How to set up Taobao on the baby to become automatic shipping! Steps:

1, Baidu Tao Xiaobai, download;

2, download Tao Xiaobai software and normal software after the same installation, click next; F

3, open Tao Xiaobai, log in to Taobao seller account, you need to turn off the log-in protection before you can log in;

4, upload your babies to the netbook and get to share encrypted links, the netbook can be disk and so on;

5, click on the inventory card secret, will share the link and password import;

Question 4: Taobao sellers are not online how to set up automatic shipmentHello, is it a virtual commodity, you can use the third-party tools, if it is a physical object, only the products of the distribution platform can realize the manufacturer’s automatic shipment.

Question 5: How do you get the automatic shipment of virtual goods on Taobao? The first nail monthly virtual baby sales volume to reach more than 8,000, 2. virtual baby accounted for more than 80% of the store’s baby. 3. to achieve 1 and 2 with Taobao to apply for the adoption of the future automatic shipment to ensure that the monthly turnover of the transaction amounted to more than 2,000

Question 6: How to set up automatic shipment of goods in Taobao sell 30 points jingyan./…. .9

Look at this tutorial

Question 7: How does automatic shipping work for Taobao sellers? Auto shipment generally refers to the business of virtual recharge stores, physical objects are not usually shipped automatically.

Automatic shipping is operated by software. Just give the software a message that it can recognize, that is, complete the automatic shipment.

Buying software costs money. I was purchasing the software.

As for whether it will work online, it involves the “offline hosting” feature. As long as the store is set up for offline hosting, it will automatically ship for you whether you are online or not.

Question 8: How can I set up auto shipping on Taobao now? Join Taobao recharge platform, there is a “recharge” logo in the product, the buyer photographed the payment will be automatically shipped.

Question 9: How do I set up automatic shipping on Taobao? As long as someone else pays automatically send a link to the buyer to download the tutorial flashpoints. Go to tao treasure to buy a flash point software, 1 cent can buy, and there are tutorials. But the 1 cent does not have the function of offline hosting. The tens of dollars kind of have offline hosting.

Question 10: How to set up automatic delivery of Taobao! Enter the Taobao seller service inside, search for the automatic shipment, buy the automatic shipment of services can be automatically shipped.