Text above word table runs to the bottom

Why does the text above my word form automatically go down?

Reason: in word documents, there are line and line spacing, if the form is too move up, below the line spacing in order to maintain the line spacing above a line of text automatically down.

Solution: adjust the line spacing settings or font size.

Photo manipulation:

1. Select the form, and then point to “Start” → → “Paragraph” in the lower right corner of the small box;

2.” Line spacing “¡ú→” unit line spacing “¡ú, remember to be sure to line spacing below the line that” if the definition of the document grid, write the network alignment “¡ú the left side of the small box in the box to remove the check.

Introduction of the software:

MicrosoftWord is a Microsoft word processor application. It was originally written by Richard Brodie in 1983 for IBM computers running DOS. Subsequent versions ran on Apple Macintosh (1984), SCOUNIX, and Microsoft Windows (1989), and became part of Microsoft Office.


⒈ WordXP basic paperwork skills and recognize the screen tools 2. Quickly type the Chinese punctuation;

3. Chinese characters to zoom in and out of the straight circular production, Chinese official letter;

⒋ Chinese traditional / simple fonts and the use of Hong Kong’s commonly used font;

Careful about the line spacing, paragraph alignment, to create a list of columns, Use of headers and footers to include document headings and page numbers;

borrow forms and multi-columns for quotes, meeting agendas and timetables;

Chinese desktop printing with pictures, charts, graphs, word art, etc., to produce illustrated documents or company newsletters;

Printering letters with large quantities of different materials.

Word table header text runs underneath the table when changing pages?

The form and the header text is not a whole to cause this situation. Insert a line above the first line of the form, merge and center it, enter the header text, and then erase the box lines above and to the left and right of the header text.

Why does the text above the table in word (not in the table) run directly below the table after enter, instead of moving down as a whole. Seek to explain

This is the form of the settings of the problem, right-click inside the form, select Form Properties, select the alignment for the left alignment, the text surround set to none, it is OK.