The right-hand line of the word table does not show up

Why excel form copied to word after the missing right box

excel form copied to Word after the missing right box, is caused by the wrong settings, the solution is as follows:

1, first of all, as shown in the figure in the excel in a good form, select the form, and then click Copy.

2, after copying the word, found that the form of all the lines are not there, this time click on the form of the upper left corner of the icon shown in the figure.

3, and then in the expansion of the option to select the form properties.

4, in the form properties, you can see the border and background, click it.

5, open, on the left side you can see that there are all the options, click it, and then click OK.

6, so that, and then look at the form pasted into the word, you can see that the grid lines have appeared.

word document in the form of how the line is missing

word document form line is missing, may be set up without a border or border line is too thin color is too light, through the form of border and background settings so that the form of wireframe to show up.

Method steps are as follows:

1, need to open the operation of the WORD document, select the form of text, click the right mouse button, and then select “Borders and Underlines”.

2, in the border tab, select the color black, choose a thicker line width option in the line width, click on the left side of the “All” draw all the form of border, and then click on the lower right corner of the OK button.

3, return to the main document, you can find that the WORD document has been successfully set up to show the border line of the form.

How to solve the word document to do the right side of the table display incomplete problem

word is we often use the office software, many small partners usually use word software to edit some documents. However, recently some users in the use of the process, but encountered a word document to do the right side of the table display incomplete situation, do not know how to do. Then we encountered this problem to how to solve it? Today I am sharing with you about word documents do not show the right side of the table full solution.

The solution is as follows:

1, open a Word document, which contains a form beyond the page.

2, click the form of the upper left corner of the +, in order to select the entire form.

3, right-click the mouse, and then click the Auto Resize option in the pop-up menu.

4, in the secondary tab, you can see three options, you can choose according to the actual situation, here I choose to adjust the table option according to the content.

5, after clicking, will appear in the following figure.

6, we can also click on the more practical options to adjust the table according to the window.

7, as shown in the figure below, is the result of the adjustment according to the window.

The above is a word document on the right side of the table to do not show the full solution, have encountered the same problem can be in accordance with the above method to solve it.