What interface is the laptop adapter

What is the Thunderbolt interface for laptops?

Thunderbolt is an integrated transfer interface released by Intel on February 24, 2011, and has been utilized in Apple’s devices, as well as the latest Asus Z87 motherboards, which now offer this interface.

The Thunderbolt port for laptops can transfer data, external displays, and charge.

The Thunderbolt interface is a translation of the English name Thunderbolt, a connector standard released by Intel for a common bus used to connect computers to other devices.

With Thunderbolt, users can charge their Apple laptops with a smaller power adapter, as well as provide fast charging for other devices that support fast charging capabilities. In short, the Thunderbolt interface is a high-speed data interface with multiple functions and applications.

Transferring dataThe Thunderbolt 3 interface can transfer data just like a USB port, with a bandwidth of up to 40Gb/s, which is eight times faster than USB0 (5Gb/s) and four times faster than USB1 (10Gb/s). Thunderbolt 3 is also the fastest USB interface available.

Are Lenovo square port power supplies and typec power supply interfaces the same

Not the same. Lenovo square port power supply and typec power connector are different.

The Lenovo square port power connector is a power connector unique to Lenovo, commonly found in Lenovo laptops and some Lenovo-branded desktop computers, which is rectangular in shape, with a round plug and a socket, a few pins on the plug, and a corresponding slot on the socket. And the typec power interface is a new interface standard, it is a reversible plug interface, can realize power, data transmission and video output and other functions, is currently one of the more popular interface.

So if your device only supports the Lenovo Square Port power connector, the power adapter for the typec power connector will not work. Similarly, if your device only supports the typec power connector, then the power adapter for the Lenovo square port power supply will not work. When purchasing a power adapter, you need to pay attention to the type of power interface of your device so that you don’t buy the wrong power adapter that will not work.