What is considered a high resolution Sina Weibo avatar

What is the proper size for an avatar on Sina Weibo?

Maximum 180.180, save the original upload avatar need to be checked, if not checked, in the mobile terminal is a poor picture quality is full of noise compressed picture.

Please take it!

Instagram avatar question. I try to make the photo as small and small as possible. Why is it still so blurry after uploading, it’s so clear.

Because it’s a matter of pixels, the higher the pixels, the clearer the photo is; the lower the pixels, the blurrier it is,

What is the most suitable size for Sina Weibo custom template

It is recommended that you use 1440*900 or an image larger than this size for your custom template.

If you want to leave white space in the middle area of the content area, it is recommended that the size of your image is 950px.

To set up a custom template, please do so in Account-Template Settings-Custom Template.