What is the average monthly salary for a network planning designer

How much does the average UI designer make?

Elementary UI designers earn $4,500~9,000 per month. Intermediate UI designer monthly salary can rise to 10000~15000 yuan. UI designers with more than three to four years of UI design experience, high quality work and experience in large projects can earn up to $15,000~20,000 per month. If promoted to design director management, the salary package can reach more than 20,000 yuan.

UI design is currently the highest average salary in the domestic design industry, the average salary in first-tier cities in more than 10,000, 1-2 years of UI design experience monthly salary of more than 10,000 is very simple, 3-5 years of experience in UI designers monthly salary of 20,000 + is also more normal a level.

The average salary of the UI design industry is one of the highest in the design industry, like graphic design, e-commerce design, interior design, architectural design and other industries, the average salary is not as high as the UI design industry salary, the average salary of the UI design industry is higher than most of the average salary of the city.

Network engineers out of the wage is about how much

Current network engineers work treatment details

Generally speaking, It enterprise IT technology positions according to function can be divided into management positions: enterprise information director CIO, director, IT manager, project manager, etc.; engineering positions: planning designers, network engineers, system engineers, software engineers, and database Engineers, etc.; operation and maintenance positions: database administrators, system administrators, network administrators, server administrators, etc.; operation positions: office clerks, CAD designers, web page producers, multimedia producers, etc.. According to the size of the enterprise, smaller enterprises, a position may cover the content of several positions, the system administrator is responsible for both system management, but also to undertake network management; large enterprises will be divided into more specialized, there are network designers, system integration engineers, network installation engineers, integrated cabling engineers and system test engineers. Network engineer career planning process is mainly the following steps: the first step, small business network administrator (system administrator);

The second step, into the large and medium-sized enterprises, the same network management work, the salary may be completely different, generally more than 3000 yuan. Do the department manager, but also up to 5,000 yuan or more;

The third step, learning more comprehensive knowledge to become an ordinary network engineer salary up to 3,500 yuan or more; the fourth step, learning more comprehensive knowledge to become a professional network engineers, such as network storage engineers, network security engineers salary can be up to 8,000 yuan or more, to do large-scale enterprises or professional network companies IT manager’s salary is even higher, may be more than ten thousand dollars. More than two years of small businesses → four years of medium-sized enterprises → large enterprises or multinational conglomerates the following three aspects to explain in detail the network engineer career development.

A, administrator title: primary work in small and medium-sized enterprises network infrastructure management network operating system management network application system management network user management network security and confidentiality management information storage and backup management and network room management These management involves a number of areas, each area of management and have their own specific tasks. The main ones are: network administrators (system administrators). Network Administrator (System Administrator) Job Description: Management of the network itself. Network operation / application system management (in large enterprises, foreign investment, joint ventures are usually called “MIS (MangerInformationSystem, information system administrator). The difference between the two is mainly: network administrators focus on the OSI layer 3, system administrators are mainly in the system maintenance and management of the company’s information systems. Job prospects: is a network personnel must go through the stage of treatment: 1000 yuan – 3000 yuan professional network administrator is not good to say

Two, engineer title: intermediate work in the network company, large and medium-sized enterprises in the network company’s main tasks: design and construction of large and medium-sized enterprises in the main tasks: operation and maintenance Network engineer is actually a profession that includes many kinds of work, different kinds of network engineer work on the requirements of practitioners are not the same, the requirements of practitioners of network management level varies greatly. Professional network engineers are: network system designers, network engineers, system engineers, network security engineers, data storage engineers, integrated cabling engineers.

1, general network engineer job description: senior network administrator in a large enterprise or work in the network company to maintain the company’s network equipment, to ensure that the company’s backbone network normal work on the popular network equipment is very good understanding of the requirements: a solid and comprehensive knowledge of the network fundamentals of many years of experience in professional network management on the performance of the product and the latest technology to master the job outlook: the domestic network company’s Technicians or professional IDC centers, large ISP service providers

2, general system engineer job description: senior network administrator in a large enterprise or work in the network company to maintain and ensure that the system works properly on the popular OS very good understanding of the system failure resolution has a wealth of experience Requirements: solid and comprehensive knowledge of the network fundamentals of many years of experience in professional network management of the new OS system and the latest technology to master a good job prospects: domestic network company’s technical staff of the company’s technical staff outsourcing companies

3, network system designer job description: the company needs to build the network, mainly according to the requirements of the design, customer satisfaction design projects to achieve comprehensive, high utility and usability network system designer is a comprehensive job network and system aspects Have good experience in network and system requirements: solid and comprehensive network knowledge base of many years of professional network management, design experience on the network core technology mastery of good job prospects: not many real designers in the country wages tens of thousands of

4, network storage engineers task description: mainly work in some large data needs of large companies such as banks, television stations, IDC center to effectively manage the company’s massive data, storage equipment testing, evaluation environment, and the company’s data management system, the company will be able to provide a comprehensive and effective management of the network system. Storage equipment testing, evaluation of the environment, system consulting, implementation guidance, testing, training, related solutions disaster recovery requirements: it is best to have many years of network management experience familiar with some commonly used database software network storage theory knowledge, including storage basics, technology and network storage advanced technology familiar with the mainstream storage, backup vendor’s product line; such as IBM / HP / SUN proficiency in veritas, legato, tsm, dp and other backup software tools to use a good ability to write demand analysis, solutions, PPT, system hardware and software configuration and other programs Job Prospects: the domestic annual requirement of network storage talent at least in the 600,000 or more, while the current domestic annual maximum of only 500 such talent, a difference of 1,000 times. And now these two aspects of the demand for talent in the next few years will continue to rise, professional hardware servers and network storage talent may also be much higher than the wage scale of software and hardware developers.

5, network security engineer job description: to give a sense of mystery mainly to protect the network security protection website, mail and other server security reasonable arrangement of the network structure and network products on the enterprise can carry out security assessment and protection requirements: it is best to have many years of network management experience is familiar with a variety of network security technology, on a variety of mainstream security products (such as firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion detection, etc.) have a Good theoretical foundation and practical experience, understand the characteristics of various security products (such as FireWall, VPN, anti-virus products, IPS, etc.), the use of methods and commonly used debugging skills; proficient in Windows, Linux and other system environments, able to carry out maintenance and management and failure analysis Job Prospects: is currently the most urgent shortage of talent salary depends on the level of no cap

6, Comprehensive wiring engineer job description: the status is relatively low, easy to succeed in designing wiring solutions for the workplace and implementation of the majority of designers are technicians, construction workers looking for civilian labor requirements: do not need to have network management experience network knowledge requirements also hate low only need to master the wiring professional knowledge and skills of the popular wiring vendors familiar with the job outlook: wages are not very high, not a lot of talent is needed, but the wages of the professional do not have much. The professional salary is also not a lot of three, expert title: senior work in a large network companies, or research institutes are mainly technical supervisors, project managers, technical experts, technical experts 1, technical experts job description: an industry experts, consultants, authorities if indeed very fond of technical work, and do not specialize in and like to communicate with people, you can focus entirely on their own field to develop into a senior expert in the industry as the direction and goal! This development process may be longer.

Network engineer treatment how

Network engineers are mainly classified and the city’s salary level to determine:

1.1000 + salary is to take the low-level certificate;

2.No technical people’s, in general, with technical experience, at least 1800, it depends on what city.

3. A class of cities also have more than 2500 at the lower level, 3500-5000 at the intermediate level, and more than 7000 at the advanced level.

4. Network engineering specific sub-division of the technical field of Windows network management, network security, network infrastructure and integrated cabling, SQL


5. Passed the CCNACCNP will also be a network administrator, the monthly salary of 5000 at best, the low is 3000; passed the CCIE annual salary is estimated to be more than 150,000 yuan.

6.2005 database technology, network routing technology, network switching technology, remote access technology, Linux/Unix network management, website maintenance, mail service management, large-scale enterprise network VLAN construction and IP division, FTP server setup, AMBER professional quality series, project training and enterprise training.

What can a network planning designer do after the test

What can a network planning designer do after the test? Let’s take a look.

Network planning designer can be engaged in system design documents, project development plan, project construction, network strategic planning direction.

Suitable positions for network planning designers are: technical support engineers, systems analysts, network analysts, technical consultants.

The competencies of a network planning designer are: a combination of skills needed to succeed in design, project management, operations management, and planning, which varies depending on the job title.


What is the job outlook for network planning designers?

The job outlook for network planning designers is good. First of all, most network companies are in need of designers. Network planning designers are able to help companies design information systems, build the entire company’s network system, and manage and maintain the entire network system. All of these need to be done by professionals who have acquired network planning designers.

Secondly, network planners have a future in many fields, such as database applications, database management, IT sales, web development, and many other fields, so there will be a lot of companies lack of such talent.

Third, the network planning designer’s salary is relatively high, and the work is not very tired, as long as the construction of their own network, it does not need too much effort, so it is a good choice for employment.