What is the principle of image text recognition technology

Take pictures to extract text principle

This is a technology that uses the principle of OCR, which can be extracted by software.

ocr text recognition

Orcr text recognition means optical character recognition technology.

OCR full name is OpticalCharacterRecognition, is the most common and is currently the most efficient text scanning technology, it can be from the picture or PDF to recognize and extract the text content therein, the output of the text document, easy to verify the user’s information, or direct content editing.

The typical OCR technology path is divided into five major steps, namely, input, image and processing, text detection, text recognition, and output. Each process requires the depth of algorithmic cooperation, so from the bottom of the technology, from the image to the text output, to go through a number of processes.

ocr technology process

Image input, read different image format files.

Image pre-processing, mainly including image binarization, noise removal, tilt correction and so on.

Layout analysis, the document image is divided into paragraphs and lines.

Character cutting, dealing with the characters due to character sticking, broken pen caused by the characters difficult to simply cut the problem.

Character feature extraction, multi-dimensional character image extraction.

Character recognition, the feature vector extracted from the current character and the feature template library for template coarse classification and template fine matching to recognize the character.

Layout recovery, recognizing the layout of the original document, and outputting the recognition results to a text document according to the original layout format.

Post-processing correction, based on the relationship between the specific language context, the recognition results are corrected.

What does ocr mean when you open a meal card prompt

Opening a meal card prompts OCR is an acronym for OpticalCharacterRecognition.OCR is a technology that scans and recognizes characters in an image and converts them into editable text or digital form. In open meal cards, OCR technology can be applied to recognize textual information on restaurant menus or food labels so that users can easily access information related to the name of the dish, ingredient composition, calorie content, and so on.

The principle of OCR technology is to use image processing and pattern recognition algorithms to analyze and recognize characters in scanned or captured images. It can convert characters into a form of text that can be processed by a computer by recognizing their shape, size, color, and other characteristics. In this way, users can scan menu or food labels to quickly convert text information into readable text, providing a convenient query and reading experience.

Expansion: In addition to its application in opening meal cards, OCR technology has many other application scenarios in real life. For example, banks can use OCR technology to scan and identify the amount and account information on checks to improve processing efficiency and accuracy; libraries can use OCR technology to digitize books and documents for easy retrieval and storage; government departments can use OCR technology to process information on ID cards, driver’s licenses, and other documents to improve efficiency, and so on. With the advancement of technology and the continuous expansion of application scenarios, OCR technology is gradually becoming one of the important tools in people’s daily life.