What is the role of the multimedia player assembly?

What is a TV player and what does it do

The TV is a necessary appliance for our home, which has penetrated into every household. But what is a TV player and what does it do? Below with me to understand it.

In fact, people now use the TV player is generally high-definition player,

high-definition player is the earliest Thomson RCA company in 06 years in the domestic production of high-definition sources can decode the machine so named high-definition player, and many manufacturers have to follow suit after the high-definition player (machine) refers to the hardware equipment, that is, by connecting to the TV, the output of high-definition picture, Dolby surround sound and other audio-visual effects. Dolby Surround sound and other audio and video effects. Its core technology is the chip decoding program, a good HD player (machine) can decode a variety of formats of multimedia, the output stream is small, can be operated by the remote control on the TV to complete the film and television on demand. At present, all HD players (machines) can only be specific movie and television on demand, replay and so on. Can play film and television clarity for 480P (SD), 720P, 1080i, 1080P.

The TV player boom was once wild, very many consumers are keen on the era of high-definition, high-definition player can make the following eight things we need:

1. Only need a network cable, 1M broadband can be free online on-demand Watch hundreds of thousands of high-definition,

movies, TV dramas, anime films, and the Internet release of new films synchronized updates.

2. Zero monthly fee, zero installation fee, zero on-demand fee, everything is zero cost (in addition to the cost of equipment), you can enjoy the world’s more than 3,000 television stations live programs, but also can be on-demand at any time the latest, most complete movie blockbusters hot TV series, breaking news, blogs and so on.

3. Support HDM interface, support wireless WIFI card, support USB interface 4, you can watch the global TV programs, domestic TV stations, including the central 1-13, the provincial satellite TV stations, as well as a number of local stations, and a large number of international mainstream channels.

4, rich movie programs, according to the type can be divided into Blu-ray, 3D HD, etc., contains a large number of movies, the latest release of the movie can be watched through the TV.

5, built-in LAN sharing function, through which you can enjoy the video as well as pictures in your computer hard disk.

The above is the introduction of the TV player,

the original TV player is so powerful, you can not wait to buy a TV player?

What exactly is the purpose of MP4?

1: MP4, known as MPEG-4Part14, is a multimedia computer file format that uses MPEG-4, with the subfile name mp4, to store digital audio and digital video.

2: In addition, MP4 can also be understood as MP4 player, MP4 player is a kind of multifunctional player that integrates audio, video, picture browsing, e-book, radio and so on.

What is mp4

MP4 is a set of compression coding standards for audio and video information, developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) under the Moving Picture Experts Group (MovingPictureExpertsGroup, or MPEG). MPEG).

The first version was adopted in October 1998, and the second in December 1999.

The main uses of the MPEG-4 format are for Web streaming, CD-ROMs, voice transmission (video telephony), and television broadcasting.

Use of mp4:

It can directly play high-quality video and audio, and can also be used to browse pictures and as a portable hard disk, digital bank; some products also have some very innovative and practical functions, such as the AV420 can record video, it can be from DVD, TV and other devices to the signal in the MPEG-4 It can save signals from DVDs, TVs and other devices in MPEG-4 format on the hard disk.

Because MP4 players can be easily connected to output devices such as projectors and TVs. From a personal use point of view, the biggest advantage of MP4 players is that they are compact and easy to carry, and can play videos anytime, anywhere.