What language types are included in computer c language

The three basic types in C are

The three basic data types in C are integer, real, and character.

1 integer, including short, int, long, etc., used to represent an integer, the default is signed, with the unsigned keyword, can be expressed as unsigned.

2 real type, that is, floating-point type, including float, double, etc., used to represent the real number, as opposed to the integer type, the type can be expressed with a decimal part of the value. It should be noted that the real type in the computer language for the approximation of the value of the representation, is not the exact value, in the multiple calculations may appear in the true value of the deviation.

3The character type, char, is used to represent a variety of characters and corresponds to the ascii code table. In addition to can be used to represent all kinds of characters, char type of other rules and the same as the integer, can be considered char is a special type of integer.

What language does c belong to

C is a computer programming language.

C is a high-level language that is compiled and converted into a machine-recognizable binary language. It has the characteristics of both a high-level language and an assembly language. It can be used as a working system design language to write system applications or as an application programming language to write applications that do not depend on computer hardware.

Introduction of c language

avr microcontroller c language high-level programming is a successful system description language, the uniX operating system developed in c language is a successful example; at the same time, c language is a general-purpose programming language, which is widely popular in the international community. Many famous computing companies in the world have successfully developed different versions of c language, it is a very promising high-level programming language.

It combines the basic structure and statements of a high-level language with the utility of a low-level language. c can operate on bits, bytes, and addresses, which are the most basic units of work in a computer, just like assembly language. The distinguishing feature of structured languages is the compartmentalization of code and data, i.e., the parts of a program are independent of each other except for the necessary exchange of information.

C language is applicable to a wide range. Suitable for a variety of operating systems, such as windows, dos, uniX, etc.; also applicable to a variety of models. c language for the preparation of the need for hardware to operate the occasion, significantly better than other explanatory high-level language, there are some large-scale application software is also written in c language.