What should I do if I want to turn off automatic updates on my cell phone?

How to turn off automatic updates on your phone?

The way to set a certain software not to update automatically is as follows:

Tools: Huawei mate40pro phone, Hongmeng OS3.0, cell phone application store, cell phone settings.

1, open the settings of the application store.

2, the automatic upgrade switch, set to off.

3. Find the app settings option on your phone.

4. Open the app management.

5. Turn off both resource recommendations and upgrade reminders.

How to turn off automatic phone updates

How to turn off automatic phone updates?

How to turn off automatic updates on your phone?

1. Turn off the automatic update option

For most Android devices, you can find the automatic update option in the system settings. To turn off automatic updates, go to Settings, System, UX Programs, Turn Off, Reset, and Restore. “Settings”, “System”, “User Experience Program”, “Turn off”, “Restore Factory Settings”, “Turn off Automatic Updates” to turn off automatic updates. There may be some variations across brands and device models, but it’s usually in a similar adjustment position.

2. Disable GooglePlay automatic updates

The GooglePlay store is the main channel for installing or updating Android apps. Therefore, disabling GooglePlay automatic updates can help reduce the number of updates loaded. Here are the steps to disable GooglePlay auto-updates: On the GooglePlay Store, click on the “Apps & Games” option and select “My Apps & Games” from the menu. Open “Settings” and disable the “Automatically update apps” option to manually control app updates. This will also prevent too much mobile data traffic from being used during updates.

3. Disable automatic updates in the app manager

On some Androids, users can also disable automatic updates in the app manager settings. In the app manager, you can see all the installed apps and visualize the version, space and other information of each app. Click on “Apps” and select the app you want to disable automatic updates for, then open “Settings” and turn off the “Automatic updates” option.

In short, there are different ways to disable automatic updates on your phone to avoid unnecessary impact on your phone’s performance, storage space, and traffic usage. After turning off automatic updates, users need to check for app updates from time to time with enough information and good security awareness to ensure the stability and performance of their phones and keep apps secure and intact.

How to turn off automatic cell phone system updates.

How do you turn off automatic cell phone updates? First of all, we open the settings, open the settings down to find the system; in the system settings interface, click on the software update; open the software update after it will see our current cell phone system version, at this time we click on the upper right gear into the system update settings; close the following switch can be.