What to do if you are running this program as an administrator

How do I set up an administrator?

1, first of all, find the application you need to use the administrator to run, I’m here to use a random program as an example.

2, right-click on this program, and then select Properties, or press R.

3, into the properties, find the top [Compatibility] tab, click.

4. Find the [Run this program as administrator] at the bottom and check the box before it.

5, after the check box, directly double-click to run the default run as an administrator.

6, if the computer has more than one account, you need to open the bottom of the [Change All User Settings]

7, and then, the same will be at the bottom of the [Run this program as an administrator] tick.

8, so that as long as the account is logged into the computer, will run this program as an administrator.

Win7 how to run as an administrator

As we all know, in Microsoft’s new generation of operating platform – Windows7, if you want to run a program as an administrator, you will usually use the following two methods:

(1) right mouse button on the program or its shortcut and select “Run as administrator”;

(2) Use the shortcut key “Ctrl “+”Shift “+left mouse button to open the program, the program will also run as administrator. status.

There’s no way to set a program to run as an administrator every time you open it. That’s what we’re going to cover below, so let’s take a look.

Method 1: Set the program itself

Right click on the program and select “Properties”.

Switch to the “Compatibility” tab, in the “Privilege Level” column, check “Run this program as administrator”, and then press “OK.

Method 2: Set properties on program shortcuts

Switch to the Shortcuts tab and click the Advanced button.

In the “Advanced Properties” dialog box, check “Run as administrator”, and then press “OK”.