Which web game development engine is recommended

What engine is used for game development

The game development engines are Unreal Engine, Unity, Frost Engine, Origins Engine, Cry3 Engine, IW Endless Engine, CryEngine Scream Engine, RAGE Rampage Engine, Cocos2D, AvalancheEngine avalanche engine and so on.

Currently the industry uses more is mainly Unreal 4 and Unity3D, there are some very famous but only individual companies royal engine, such as Activision Blizzard’s IW Endless Engine, EA’s Frost Engine.

1, Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is the United States Epic Games, Inc. developed a 3A-level game engine, the world’s most well-known authorization of the most extensive top game engine, accounting for 80% of the global market share of the commercial game engine, the next generation of the highest picture standards of a game engine;

2, Unity

Unity is the first game engine in the world. Developed by UnityTechnologies, Inc. to enable players to easily create interactive content such as 3D video games, architectural visualization, real-time 3D animation, and other types of multi-platform comprehensive game development tools, is a fully integrated professional game engine;

3, Frost Engine

The Frost Engine is a subsidiary of EA’s “DICE” studio developed by a 3D game engine, since 2006 to start research and development, but also the world’s most widely known one of the game engine;

4, the origin engine

Origin (source) engine is a 3D game engine, by Valve software The company for the first-person shooter game “Half-Life 2” development, and other game developers open license. As an integrated engine, the origin engine can provide developers with all the services from physics simulation, screen rendering to server management, user interface design and so on;

5. IW InfinityWard Engine

The IW engine is a game engine, named “InfinityWard Engine” in Chinese, developed by InfinityWard Studios, a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, which is a game studio of the company. InfinityWard Studios developed by Activision Blizzard’s game studio InfinityWard Studios applied to the Call of Duty series, and as the main engine of the game. The engine includes the GtkRadiant level development software developed by idSoftware. It has been used in games developed by InfinityWard, Treyarch, and RavenSoftware;

6. Cry3 Engine

CryEngine3, a game engine corresponding to the newest technology DirectX11 produced by German company CRYTEK, allows real-time creation of cross-platform games;

7, RAGE Rage Engine

Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (referred to as RAGE) is by the TV game developer Rockstar (San Diego) RAGE technology group and Rockstar other production team funded the development of a game engine, suitable for games on the PC, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 platforms. development;

8, Cocos2D

Cocos2D is an open-source framework based on the MIT protocol for building games, applications and other graphical interface interactive applications. It allows you to save a lot of time when creating your own multiplatform games.

What engine is commonly used for game development?

You can read the article Unreal Engine vs. Unity3D: Which is the Best Choice for Game Creation to understand

Unreal Engine is a WYSIWYG game development platform that empowers developers. Unreal has a fairly complete solution, as well as a well-integrated and unified toolchain, and its powerful rendering capabilities are the choice of most console game developers. Unreal is not only capable of making large-scale console games, but also traditional mobile games, and of course, mobile vr games can be made by Unreal as well.

Unity3d is a multi-platform, integrated game development tool that allows players to easily create interactive content such as 3D video games, architectural visualizations, real-time 3D animations, and other types of interactive content, which provides people with a more convenient interface and a more convenient scripting language so that game development engineers don’t have to spend too much time on the bottom line of compatibility with the C++ that rambles on the features, but rather can focus on what needs to be solved. and can instead focus on the problems that need to be solved.

Overall, unreal as well as unity3d have their own characteristics, in their respective fields are very good, if the energy is enough, of course, is better to learn more of the two la, after all, more skills do not pressure the body, and if only one of the study, it depends on the students of the development of which one of the direction of the game engine is more interested in

But although the unreal engine is good to use, but want to run the software requires a computer configuration. The computer configuration needed to run this software can be quite a lot, recommended to use the cat cloud desktop, can meet the mobile office, artificial intelligence, 3D modeling, visual design, film and television production, education and training, animation rendering, entertainment and other multi-scene applications.

Which game engine development fast

Unity3D, UnrealEngine4 game engine development fast.

1, Unity3D: support for multi-platform development, easy to get started, with a large number of plug-ins and resources, you can quickly develop high-quality games.

2, UnrealEngine4: has a powerful rendering engine and physics engine, suitable for producing high-quality 3D games, but the learning curve is steeper.

Is there any good 2D game making engine?

Currently the mainstream are basically H5 engine. If you don’t have any basic knowledge, we recommend using cocos2d. Because it’s a component-based development, the logic is in its own way, and you can use JS or TS on it.

Of course, egret engine, layabox is also available. Egret is the old engine, the community is more active, there are more tools. layabox claimed strong performance, but the team to develop a big game to show, otherwise the performance of this thing or rely on programming optimization to do a good job is better.

There’s also the Unity engine, which makes excellent 2D games. However, there is a problem that the package is too large, generally used to do independent games, 2D game platforms are generally in the cell phone or web platform, the package is too large companies generally do not make a choice. But Unity as the most active engine at the moment can do a lot of interesting games.

There’s also too little documentation to talk about, and it looks like a pain in the ass to compile at the high end.

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