word form slash can not be deleted how to get

WORD form slash how to remove

Remove word form line steps:

1, open the word document, select the slash of the cell;

2, after selecting the cell, right-click the mouse, in the pop-up menu options, select the “Form Properties”;

3, in the pop-up “Form Properties” dialog box, click “border and background”, pop-up “border and background” settings dialog box;

4, in the pop-up dialog box, click “Preview”. dialog box, click “Preview” below the “Point Slash” button, see the preview of the form line disappears, and then click the bottom of the “Apply to” button, select the application object for the “cell” can be.

word in the table table header slash how to add and remove

For copywriting work often encountered modification of the form of the problem, today summarize the table header slash how to add and remove

Open a form, word or Excel, as shown

Then need to insert a slash in the cell in the right-click the mouse button, in the pop-up drop-down menu, select [Borders and Underlines],

and then in the pop-up window click on the [slash] (you can choose the direction of the slash), and in the [Apply to] in the selection of cells, and then OK. As shown in the figure:

Input text in the cell, such as input “area date”, as shown in the figure

Then add a carriage return between the two words, manually separate and adjust the position

If you want to remove the form of slash, you can go through the method described above, the slash of the [Borders and underlining]. Cancel it and you’re done.

How to remove slashes from a table?

Question 1: word form of how to remove the slash has been drawn if you are using Word “Forms” to draw the form to draw the slash, you can remove the slash through the reverse operation.

1, draw a slash: in the selection of drawing forms appear after the “Forms and Borders” toolbox, click on the outer frame line, and then select the slash can appear slash;

2, clear slash: in the selection of drawing forms appear after the “Forms and Borders” toolbox, click on the outer frame line, then select the slash can appear;

2, clear slash: in the selection of drawing forms appear after the “Forms and Borders

2, clear the slash: in the selection of drawing forms appear after the “Forms and Borders” toolbox click on the outside of the box, and then select the slash can not be;

3, what do not understand can HI me.

Question 2: how to remove the word form of the slash view menu, toolbar, forms and borders, in the pop-up forms and borders toolbar point “erase command”, the icon is an eraser, and then go to the point you want to delete the slash.

Question 3: How to cancel the spreadsheet cells in the diagonal line you said should be EXCEL in the cell, right? Right click on the cell — “Set cell formatting” — “Border” –” click on the preset “no”, and then OK on it.

Question 4: EXCEL form how to remove the drawing of the slash? Urgent. Do you mean this kind of slash? You point here (like a field that) have to draw the form, there is an eraser, you erase it

Question 5: Excel table inside the slash how to get rid of, there is an easy way to do it? Urgent …… for prawns guide to open the toolbar in the “Format” item, select the “cell” in the “border” at the first in the border item selection place, first in the border item select “none”, and then select the border you need

After the repetition of the operation as long as the location of the selected press F4 can be

You can also double-click the formatting brush, and then click to deal with the cell

Question six: How to remove the slash drawn in excel table is a slash header table then – right-click – set cell formatting – border – cancel the line you want to cancel

If it is a line then click on the header to directly DELETE

Question 7: How to remove the slash drawn in the Word table? If the diagonal line is drawing tool to click on the line, press DEL can be deleted, if the form tool to draw, use the form tool in the eraser, not clear.

Question 8: In Word, how to remove the form slash? In the toolbar to find the “erase” function, mouse click, and then need to erase the slash on the point, the slash is gone.

Question 9: Kneeling how to Excel table inside the slash to remove the slash in the slash cell right-click – select “Set Cell Formatting” – and then select “Border”. -and then select the “Borders” tab, in which you can remove the slash.

WPS document form slash how to remove


Computer wps


1, open the form to be edited.

2. Select the table with the slash.

3, in the menu bar, click “Form Tools”, click “Form Properties”, click “Borders and Underlines”.

4, click on “Customize”, select the thickness of the frame line.

5, click on the “Apply to” drop-down, click “Forms”.

6, click on the “slash” icon, turn dark.

7, click “OK”.

8, WPS document form slash has been removed.

word table how to delete the drawn slash?

1. Select the cells that need to delete the slash, one or more can be, and then click the right mouse button. (The picture can not be uploaded, please understand)

2. One of the options is the border and background, click the left mouse button for the next step.

3. In the interface that pops up, you can clearly see that there is a slash in the preview on the right.

4. The blue color indicates that it is there. Click on the button with the slash in the lower left corner and the blue color disappears, as does the slash in the preview.

5. Then click OK, you will find the selected cells in the slash is no longer there, that has been set up successfully.

6. With the same operation can also be added back to the slash, if you find yourself to the need for the slash mistakenly deleted the case.

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