word table how to adjust the line spacing and column width

How to adjust the height, width and spacing of the line in the Word document form

This video demonstrates the model: assembled desktop, for the system: Windows 10 Home Chinese, software version: Word2019;

First of all, open the Word document; open the upper-left corner of the menu bar [Insert] option, click on the [Forms], select the insertion of their own desired number of forms;

Select the form to be modified, and then click the right mouse button, select the [Form Properties] option;

[Form Properties] dialog box, left-click on the [Form Options], in the [Size] in the [Specify the width] to set up their own required column width;

Left-click on the [Size] in the [Row] option to set up the height of the line, left-click on the [Columns] options to set up the [ Font Size] to set the spacing, left-click [OK] after the completion of the settings.