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How to turn off the phone’s GPS function

Methods are as follows:

1, in the phone’s desktop at the forefront of the phone to find the phone’s settings button, as shown in the picture, is a gear state icon, the lower side also has the text introduction – Settings

2, into the phone’s settings interface, slide your finger a little to find the other advanced settings, as shown in the picture, the first page is basically on the The first page is basically the basic settings of the phone.

3, in this other advanced settings in the first row there is a security and privacy sub-column commands, our location services sub-menu commands are in this sub-column, as shown in the figure, click to enter the security and privacy commands.

4, as shown in the figure, in the security and privacy of the command under the first privacy protection, location information, services, click on the service can be set on or off.

5, location information, service features, click to set the service on or off.

How to turn on or off the GPS location function of the phone

You can refer to the way to turn on the Vivo phone:

2. Open the control center of the phone – click the location button to turn on.

How to turn off location tracking on android

Users with Android phones have found that there is found to be tracking of user’s location, and Google says that users have the option to protect their privacy, and that any app that accesses a user’s location information sends a request to which the user needs to click on agree to in order to give Google the power to track you.

If you trust Google and rely on their location-based services, such as Maps, navigation, location-based searches, verticals, and so on, these all require your location information. If you want to protect your private information and keep Google from knowing where you are, check out the tutorial below.

Turn off location services:

Open your phone’s settings menu, open the location and security settings, and uncheck “Use Wi-Fi” and “Use GPS satellites”. You can also click Deny on any request to access location information.

The ultimate protection: restoring factory settings

Disabling location services can prevent tracking from happening, but if you’ve been using GPS- or web-based location services for a while, your phone must have dozens of base stations and WiFi hotspots on its servers, and if you’re really bothered by that information, you can restore your phone to its factory settings. factory settings.

Every Android phone is assigned a unique identifier when it first boots up, which is used to record all sorts of information, and only restoring factory settings changes that identifier. Of course this will also erase all data and apps from your phone, so think twice and make a backup.

Open your phone’s settings menu, select Privacy Settings, and then select Restore Factory Settings, which will reboot your phone and erase all your data.

Open your phone’s settings menu and select Privacy Settings.