Apple imei check authenticity

How to see if Apple is genuine

Question 1: How to see if the iphone is genuine give the phone serial number to help you see

Question 2: How to check if the iphone is genuine through the serial number place of sale, version, can be based on the model number

[IOS device – Settings

(China is CH), (China Macao SAR ZP), (UK is B), (USA is LL),

(China Hong Kong SAR is ZP), (Brazil is BZ, Canada is C), (Japan is J)

A is for official version. The last two digits of the model number can only be checked at the machine itself.

Check the website:sn.appvv/ Enter the website and enter the serial number to check. If you are looking for a brand new machine, please refer to your actual purchase date and the warranty date of the above query. Because the warranty is a full year from the day of activation. Apple’s telephone technical support is only 3 months while the hardware warranty is 1 year, the activation date can be extrapolated one year from the warranty. The activation date is the date of purchase, please check whether it is consistent, Hong Kong version of the U.S. version and other parallel imports will be activated in advance, normally within one month. If the machine has been over the warranty period, the activation date is at least more than a year, the specific activation time can not be found, usually the official flip machine or second-hand. If the gap between the production and activation date is large or the warranty has expired, this machine may be the original second-hand or refurbished machine.

Question 3: How to check if the Apple phone you just bought is genuine to see if it is licensed is as follows:

One, look at the packaging

After the iPhone 5 is opened, check if the iPhone 5 has been disassembled and if the packaging is complete. Refurbished machines generally use the shell is imitation of the original, so the phone shell before and after the two parts are very easy to close the tight, leaving a large gap, the identification method is to carefully observe the shell packaging before and after the shell seams whether there is a warped or think open traces.

Second, the activation of the iPhone5 general new machine needs to be activated before you can use, if the iPhone5 a boot directly into the cell phone interface, it means that the iPhone5s may be a second-hand cell phone, or someone else out of the box used.

Three, look at the version

Can be based on the model (open “Settings” – “General” – “About this machine” to find the The last 2 characters of the model number (open “Settings” – “General” – “About this phone” and look for “Model Number”) can be viewed, CH is the China line, ZP is the Hong Kong version, LL is the U.S. version, ZA is Singapore, TA is Taiwan, and KH is South Korea.

Four, check the serial number

Apple official website to check the serial number, go to Apple’s official website will be the iPhone5 serial number input query, it will show the iPhone5 production date and warranty date and so on.

Fifth, try TouchID/Siri

Then high imitation of the machine, just the appearance of doing like, but inside the system and function, that is not imitation, you can open the settings of the TouchID or Siri function, I believe that even the high imitation of the machine can not withstand this test.

Question 4: How to see if the Apple phone is genuine licensed, how to buy Iphone can go to the official website or authorized brick and mortar store to buy so that you can guarantee authenticity, pay attention to is not unsealed new machine, the box written on the Jane is licensed, generally did not ask for water goods, is not going to buy water goods, water goods will be cheaper

Water goods cell phone, is relative to domestic The licensed cell phone, is not fake, but refers to those produced and sold abroad, through a variety of ways, into the domestic market, did not pay the state tax smuggling of cell phones. To put it simply, the water goods cell phone is not through the normal channel into the mainland of cell phones

Water goods do not warranty

Water goods do not warranty

Water goods do not warranty

Important things to say three times

Question 5: How to see the Apple phone is not a licensed Korean version of the machine

Versions of the [cell phone – – Settings – General – About this machine] to see the model

Last two

CH China line ZP Hong Kong version LL U.S. version KH Korean version of the machine B UK version C Canada Edition

F France Edition J Japan Y for Spain DN Germany Edition TA for Taiwan FB for France

The last two digits of the model number can only be checked by yourself in the machine

Question 6: How to see if the iphone is a refurbished machine \Genuine iphone?You enter an invalid serial number for the IMEI/MEID/Serial Number


Please make sure the serial number you enter is the serial number of the Apple device!

The above information for reference:

Friendly tips:

①[IOS device – Settings – General – About this machine] in the view: according to the last 2 or 1 letter to view:

CH is the Hong Kong version, ZP is the China line, LL is the U.S. version, J is the Japanese version, KH is the Korean version, C is Canada,

X is the Australian version or New Zealand version, B is the British version, F is the French version,

② Apple product warranty are one year, Hong Kong line is generally activated in advance, so the result of the query date than the actual date of purchase in advance;

② iphone, ipad most of the OEM by Foxconn, so the place of origin

3 attack is not a brand new machine, please refer to your actual purchase date and the official website to check whether the warranty date is consistent:

Warranty are from the day of activation counting a full year;

4 such as questions, feel free to ask, I will be in the first time for you to answer;

Question 7: How to check the Apple phone is not a brand new machine? iPhone4S(GSM)16GB White

Serial No.: DNRH5MB8DTD2

Device Name: iPhone4S

Capacity: 16GB

Color: White

Type: iPhone4,1

Hardware Model: n94ap

Model No.: MD239

Activation Status: Activated

Phone Support: Expired

Hardware Warranty: Expired

Manufacture Date: 05/02/2012-11/02/2012

Manufacture Facility: China (Foxconn – Chengdu)

Your phone is a refurbished phone. or second-hand phone chances are greater

Question 8: How to check whether the Apple phone is genuine licensed, how to buy Iphone first see whether the phone has the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a network license

Then go online to check the phone’s serial number, if the inactivated is a new machine

Apple cell phone water is very deep, to the regular place to buy

Buy p>Physical stores: Gome Suning

Online: Apple’s official website, Jingdong Mall, etc.

The phones in these places are genuine licensed goods

The quality of the phone and after-sales service are all guaranteed

Question 9: How to check if iphone6s is the original and genuine iphone6sHow to verify that it’s the genuine licensed goods:

according to the place of sale query, which is also referred to as the [version] can be based on the model number

[Open – Settings – General – About this machine] in the search, according to the latter Two or one letter to see

CH is the country line

ZP is the Hong Kong version

LL is the U.S. version

Method 2: use itunes to identify

1, regardless of whether it is a copycat version of the Apple cell phone, or with the old model of the Apple cell phone, the mule is a horse, with the iTunes software on the computer to run a run to understand all of it. Connect your Apple iPhone to your computer and open the iTunes software on your computer, click on the iPhone icon in the window,

2, and then in the upper left side of the window you can see the current model of the machine, as shown here is actually an iPhone 6 machine, not the latest Apple 6 phone. This method can easily expose the trick of those who use iPhone 6 to cheat people.

Method 3: Check the serial number of the machine on the Internet

1, each of Apple’s cell phones has a serial number of its own, which can be checked on Apple’s official website. We can directly search on Baidu “Apple serial number query” keyword, you can directly enter the page in the loose query.

2, then you can see the real model of the current machine, hardware details at a glance.

Method 4: Other

1, some partners will encounter such a situation, such as clearly purchased a 32G Apple 6s cell phone, but after updating the new system, found that the serial number changed, the phone capacity from the original 32G into 16G. moreover, some digestion, such as the U.S. version of the Japanese version of the jailbreak, the phone as a licensed goods sold. This kind of doctored cell phone, they all have a common point, is in the purchase of the jailbreak, so that the treacherous businessman can manually artificial modification of the phone’s configuration parameters, so that people mistakenly think it is true.

2, I personally recommend when you are buying an Apple phone, it is best to confirm that the phone is currently inactive, you can start from the first step of the activation, so that you can effectively prevent the treacherous business of stealing the beam.

Question 10: How to check whether iphonese is genuine 1, if you want to identify the authenticity of the phone, you can open the phone’s [Settings] – [General] – [About this machine], see the [Serial Number] column, view to the serial number, log in to the official website of Apple, click on the technical support, and click on the warranty service and duration, enter the serial number, the warranty expiration (The date is pushed forward one year to see if it matches the activation date, if it does, it’s the real one).

2, you can also download an itunes on the computer side, connect to the phone, itunes will automatically display the device information of the iphone, and if it is an imitation cell phone, in itunes can not be recognized, in addition, the information displayed does not match the device, also belongs to the imitation cell phone.